reclaim your heart

this .. is the title of Yasmin Mogahed.

I would like to ask myself, what is the success means for me?
I would answer it is today, when I can live in this world with pure heart, without jealousy and only focus on myself. yes, sometimes, I feel like why I didn't do my best on it? but actually, I realize that I already did my best and nothing that I should regret.

The thing is, I want to focus on my self and create my own success. just like what I did before, just like what I really want to do. I lose myself because I saw others success on what they are doing.

I forget that I am already success right here right now, today. in this beautiful day. I just too much on myself. what I should do is pray to Allah that Allah will save my heart from others sickness that is not benefit for me.

this what I found from
this is a website that can help you find the du'a based on what you feel.
now, I feel jealous, this is my du'a
"Oh Allah, clean away all forms of evil from my heart. Oh Allah, clean my heart and remove everything that displeases you. Oh Allah, clean my heart of all every form of bitterness, hard feelings, and jealousy."

with, a little bit regret because I feel doubt before, here is my du'a

"O Allah, I have been very unjust to myself and no one grants pardon against sin but You, therefore forgive me with Your forgiveness and have mercy on me. Surely, You are the forgiver, the Merciful"

as I said before that in fact, I already found my dreams right now but I am too ambitious of everything. everything that already here is very good and I love it so much, so, here is my du'a

"Oh Allah! Extinguish the fire of desires in my heart and redirect my heart to all that which pleases you"

Yes, thanks for that website, I feel better right now. I realize that everything that have been here right now is the blessings from Allah. I just need to focus on myself and do mybest every single minute of my time. today, it is a different journey so I need to be conscious of myself.

You know what, I almost close my eyes from blessings that I already have right now because I saw other people do better than me. but, now it is not my business anymore. I have a lot of dreams and list to do. this is my process, that is their process. Yes, we are live in the same time, but our progress is not the same. so, just dance on my own life because I do not need to care about theirs, I walk my own life, and so do they.

keep your chin up, and walk on your own choice. I believe that I am special and so is everyone.

hey, today I saw an old man talk to their neighbours, even gave some lemon to them. thanks old man, for teaching me something today. he has a pure heart and also rich because he own all of the houses in this unit. his wide is also very friendly. I hope they live happy forever after.

so, let's continue my assigments! fighting ica.. I know you can do it. :)


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