Pulang gag ya?

This writing will be the determination of my future if I should go home or not. haha,.. obviously, this will be the next random writing that I will write in the next part of this writing.

Do not tell my why I write this writing academically. However, to be honest, I don't know weather I should go home or not. have no Idea. I am homesick. not a little bit. much. and much more. I realize that at the first time when I found we will have three or even four month holiday, I was surprised but there is no intention for me to go home. I feel so comfort in this place and with very friendly people around me. I am surrounded with happiness. Not after I found this assignment, I feel homesick and wanna go home.

Then, I feel a little bit embarrassing if I should go home because I have told my friends that I will not go home. In addition, with my friends told me that she will go home, I said to her.. for what? just stay here .. I do not know she will go home or not, but it seems like I am not consistent on what I have said.

Moreover, guys.. I think Allah makes me easier to go home. however, I still do not know. maybe for a month is okay right..

ya.. let's see
Let's see how it works!

Keep Positive everyone
will be continued in part two

Rumahnya Gebi,
princess highway
Melbourne, Australia


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