Morning, Stay with me!

Why I write the title like this? okay. to be honest, I got stuck again in the laziness cycle. I woke up at 8.30 am this morning. this is spring but still I feel winter. truly cold!

that is why I am struggling to wake up, everything is cold, my blanket really comfortable and it seems there is no reason to wake up in the morning, fiuhh... even, I haven't cook my breakfast! hungry jack........ haha

okay, however, I really proud of my self that I wake up in the morning, today I woke up 30 minutes earlier than yesterday. I am satisfied with that. tomorrow, I'll wake up 30 minutes earlier again, at 8 oclock!

so, yes.. this is my story ..
hope you enjoy with the reading, I do not know.. maybe this doesn't give you any idea but this is my way to cheer me up and step by step to wake up at 4 and get my success.
Finally, keep positive everyone!
reach you dreams today with one step forward :)


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