Morning 7 o

This is my first time wake up at 7 for this whole week! yey, congratulation
that's because I do not sleep in my room, this is my friends's room. as usual, we are doing group study. study together, three of us to finish our assigments. Actually, I do not know this is work or not because mostly we just talk each other and laugh about something. However, to create a new environment to keep doing our assignment I think that is great Idea. I can wake up early and do this in the morning rather than if I am at my room, sleeping till 8 or 9 and hate myself because I can not wake up early.

In addition, this makes me realize that that is ok to sleep till 8. The most important is I wake up and start my day with energy. thus, This is a wake up call for me to wake up early 7 o clock tomorrow.

I think just it, haha

Keep Positive Everyone!
Princes Highway, Clayton


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