Merawat Indonesia dari Jauh

you can say that I am homesick, but I am missing my country, my beloved country, beloved home, my family, my mom, my room. However, I realize that here is my out of comfort zone. I know that I am learning and improving myself. So, I can say that I must use this opportunity to learn and enrich my knowledge, improve my potential and use every single day of my life to something useful, for Indonesia.

you can say that I am too much, too over but just say that I write this because I have watched rudy habibi movie and felt homesick at the same time. This remind me of why I am here. I bring a mission, goals and dreams that need to be accomplished.

This "scholarship" is really help me to walk forward. Thanks to Allah that help me this far and make me want to do what I want, guide me and complete me. I realize that I must do my best because Indonesia  really cares about me. "Merawat Indonesia dari Jauh" I remember an advice from someone about how to make changes in my home country. Then, I can start it from myself. I must study and improve my self, in this perfect timing.

Now, I need to do something that can makes me feel better. something that can make me feel good both for my academic and social life. I must study hard and keep my promise, InsyaAllah. I'll do it and make progress. I can do it, Bismillah

Just it

Keep Positive everyone,
I hope Allah makes your life easier and strengthen you in every situation.
Let's enjoy this life, enjoy every second of your life because you are special.

Salam dari dinginnya Melbourne, Australia


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