Love and Peace

What value you ?? what is important thing in your life?
this question is really necessary to be asked when you want to be success.

you realize that your time is limited and you realize about the hereafter, so what would you do?

what success means to you?
How you face obstacle in front of you?

I believe that love in peace is what we want in life, what we really want to achieve.
love and peace is right here with us, so what we are afraid of?
Because Allah will make us see that love and peace in every moment we face, in light or in dark
because we focus on Allah, we focus on love and peace so no matter what around us we realize that the most powerful is Allah to bring us to light, so we focus on that light, to Allah.

so, what value you?
what success means in your life

Random Question,
8 October 2016
Melbourne, Victoria


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