assignments : responsibility and improvement

someone says that for complainers, assignment is a hard things but for a leader it is responsibility.

for me, it is both.. haha.. just like now, I have no idea about what am I going to write. but, everyone is working and it makes me want to finish my assignment as soon as possible. I need motivation inside and outside. (what the?)
ok, let me make it clear. I need motivation to finish my assignment this week. I have two which is due to next week. today is Wednesday, I almost finish but I need to write more to get HD. I will try my best to get HD. I believe HD is not only score but it is the evidence that you have tried your best. so, I will do my best on this essay.

so now, I need motivation to create the best essay, ever! I want to try this, flashback on my past so that I can be grateful and do this as a happiness, as a gift, as a dream.

so, let's get started! I will tell you something about my struggle to study abroad. before that, I will emphasize that it does not mean my home country's university is good or not good than the abroad university. it is not about that. I am proud of my country, people in my country and I believe that my country have a lot of positive things, the beautiful nature, the people's kindness, adzan sound everywhere, and motivated young people that want to change, to be better.

In other words, I want to say that if you have a dream, big, small or even impossible. trust me that you can do it. I, myself believe in Islam, and as muslims we believe that Allah is the biggest, the most powerful to change anything, the most knowledgeable and understand us. so, I seek to Allah. I ask Allah, the one who have everything, who have power to change my life. Allah says in the Qur'an that he will not change a community before they change themselves. So, I change myself. I change my mindset, my habits and morning routine. I say to myself I wanna be success.

then, it just happens. Allah helps me, guide me and complete me.
here I am, it is a long story.. includes tears, laugh, friendship, fear, ambition, dreams, and finally I always given it up to Allah. here I am

the second motivation for me is my family. no matter far I am, but my mother's voice is really motivate me to do my best. she is the reason why I can be like this, come to Australia and see the beauty of Australia here.. Thanks for my mom, the best woman in this world. I love her so much, she cares about me a lot, she is a special person in this world.

so, I will finish my assigments, write it down with passionate, dreams and I will write my best, to improve my skills and become the best master student in Monash university. I know I can do it, I believe in me.

well everyone, in deadlines and pressure, keep believing that Allah is always with you and will guide you to a better place. the place that Allah wants you to be there. just like me here, Allah placed me in this beautiful house, very comfortable house, with some flowers in my room and warm. I really love it and I hope you find your dream place too.

So. Keep positive everyone
keep believing that Allah wants the best for you
so, do your best in every single minute of your life.

Clayton, Victoria


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