Alhamdulillah, My first critical Essay Done!

I am so excited, today I am so relax that I have submitted. However, I need to write one more essay which is I can say this is my special essay. I am thinking of this long time ago and I believe this essay is important. so, I need to convince them to say that Journal writing is important to students.

you know what, my professor said "You can forget everything that we have learned today, but you should remember this. writing .. is healing, we can use it as our reflection" I completely agree to him because I always use journal to motivate me, to learn and to solve my problems, especially anything that related with emotion.

yes, one more week with Essay, I will really enjoy it. so guys, say goodbye to youtube because I need to finish this in three days. I will call these days, "Three Days Essay" on Mon, Tue and Wed
so, let's take the challenge and the next step is "Three Days Editing Essay" Thu, Fri and Sat
and call the last day as "Submit Essay" on Monday


However, I would like to thank my bestfriend, I just have a call with her. you know what, I know she motivated herself but I can feel positive energy in it, something that I said "Positive Vibe to achieve my dreams" that's really Awesome! I remember about myself a long time ago, when I really want my dreams so badly. Now, I see her struggling and it remind me about what I have today. the blessings that so many people want and even do everything to this. I should be grateful and work on my job and focus on improving myself. prepare myself to help other in the future. in the future that may be so fantastic!. I am so grateful to have a call with her. I hope she can catch her dreams too, Amin.

okay then, tomorrow is my first day of three days essay so let's do it!!!

Keep Positive Everyone!

Three days Essay


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