What happened to Muslim right now?

Firstly, I would like to lend a hand to Allah from jealousy and arrogance or feel better than others.

Second, I would like to give you a question, what happen to muslim right now?
I would point out the young muslim, what is happening to us? what islam mean to us? how we feel about akhira? because when we believe there is a live after died then, we will act differently.

I am a muslim in Islamic majority country, Indonesia. Generally speaking, the country that has muslim as majority is developing country as India or my beloved country that has basic problems such as poverty and problems. however, develop country such as Australia has fewer muslim here. I have been living here for three month and I was shocked with so many value of islam are implemented here. even, I attended one of research seminar that saying, Australians believe some value of islam. I truly forgot what he said but maybe for instance they believe that they will be back to their home, after dying. the researcher just showed me the picture that there is an oldest mosque in Australia. ya, again.. I can't write in detail here.

What I am going to say is, I saw a lot of value of Islam that I witness myself. such as sadaqah. Today, I saw a pink box saying "Put your clothes here" in gas station. Suddenly, I realize that how they act without any dakwah saying "let's share our clothes to poor people" and they do share it. Regardless, the government provide a place to them to share and do sadaqah in the place that easier to them and runs the value of sadaqah in their country.

This method, is also run by other develop country such as London or Paris. they are attracted to ask other to help other people using this box sadaqah or whatever is it called. in Islam, sadaqah is not only to help others but also to get reward from Allah, to get barakah from Allah. this is an order that we must listen and take an action to make it comes true.

In other seminar I listened someone said that, "I went to an Islamic country, met a lot of muslims there but can not find Islam in their daily life. However, other country such as America, London or Australia. I can not find many muslims but values of Islam is implemented here" he said.

I remember that the sign of kiamat (the end of the world) is the sun rise from west, not from the east. Islam rise from the east, it was brought by Rasulullah SAW, after Rasulullah is not here with us then one by one the sign is appeared such as man become women, and about the sun. maybe, technically we have not seen it yet, but for me, when I can see that in east there are so many muslims (seperti buih) but they so weak because they prefer to follow the western life however I can see Islam rise from the west, from develop country that step by step applied the value of islam and live with the Sunnah of Rasulullah SAW, such as eat the fruit before eat, sadaqah etc. they may found it from research, but for us it is one of ibadah that we listen to Rasulullah's advice. now the question is, how about us? what is our position?

in other thing, I think that in the past, people went far away to find a Master, A teacher that can teach them knowledge, so people would say a person is the student of someone famous or knowledgeable, etc. However, nowadays people find a good school or best university in the world to show that they are educated. this shows different era would be different way, so we must understand Islam so that we can applied it in here.

I question myself, ok. then, I am one of Million people that come here to study and get higher education, learn to be more intelligent person. so what?

what can I learn from here, what can I get from here?

what is it for and what is next?

there are so many things that I can learn from, such as their lifestyle and system that can make everyone easy to get their basic need. "Berangkat ke kota untuk hidup sejahtera" or go to city to live happily with wealth unfortunately doesn't work here. in City or Village people can live happily, fulfil their basic need and feel happy with all of the facilities. I don't know how they manage that but I can see prices for basic need is so cheap, even almost the same as the price of clothes. all is about choice. you will buy anything that only necessary for you everyweek, then, you will realize that you don't need that stuff and you can save more, for your saving and for nature to save climate changes too. I feel so happy to see so many green land here, cows, livestocks. You can find any sources of FRESH FOOD which is cheap and healthy in here. Alhamdulillah

so, what can I get from here?
I can get a healthy lifestyle and critical thinking through my daily life. I learn a lot from there, and I would make this habit always with me. I will bring it home

in addition, I would like to add one more habit that consciously, I could see everyone do this habit. Iqra'. First word of the Qur'an. regardless of age, elderly, children, youth and everyone here always read. once, I went to university of Melbourne, found an old man brought his food and newspaper. he was eating while reading. I was fascinated because how would he do that? why? then, I remember that they have box mail in their home and I always see newspaper in their box mail. I know they have gadget and TV in their house but they still do that. I am impressed

so, I would like to bring this experience and bring it with me. habits of reading. I love reading but I think I just say it and read some books. I would apply this everyday and then say, I love reading consciously.

the next question is what is it for?
Yes, I would like to learn here, study hard, study smart and be productive. I would like to upgrade myself to the best version of me. I have no much time here, but I would enjoy the progress. I will prepare myself and being expert in my study. I have duty and this "amanah" must be consciously understood. I am so grateful to be here and I will do my duty as student and be intelligent muslimah for my family, people around me, people in my hometown and my country. improve my knowledge, and improve my critical thinking. Insyaallah

then what is next?
I am so excited with time management. I will write my goals and things to do. then, I will keep doing it step by step and keep improving myself insya Allah. now, time to action.

Thanks everyone,
I hope you can find question for you and answer it yourself
regardless of my title, what happened to muslim right now? I questioning myself and evaluate myself. it is better for me to start it from my self, I hope you find yours too

Keep Positive everyone


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