Volunteer at Monash

Ye... Alhamdulillah.. one of the best thing in school is volunteer and connected with new people. Australia is multicultural country, most of people I met come from different place, different style but fortunately it is a big ok in here. So I enjoy my time so much as a volunteer, I could see this place from different perspective. Feel more comfortable to see their smile and feel more connected.
So.. Yesterday I was introducing to people this big map board, which is one of Activity of are you ok? Day. They need to put a country where their friend's live, somwone who havent seen recently. It is national day for everyone to keep in touch with family or friends and ask how r they doing or ask "r u ok? Friend?"
Ye.. it is super fun..
I learned and keep improving my skill to be somebody. The best version of me

This my days far away from my lovely country, Indonesia :)
Keep positive everyone...!!


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