Meet Abu Productive in Melbourne

Hi everyone,
Today I will share my experience attendig seminar by Abu productive. I am so excited because I have been followed his website, since 2010. I love the concept and I believe this must be shared to other young muslims and everyone.

I woke up early today at 7, catched the bus at 8.10 coz I waited in the wrong side, it should be at 7.40 but Yeah.. I waited for 30 minutes under the morning sunlight, Alhamdulillah

This was my first time to melbourne university, I tried to find charles pearson theater, met two muslim guys which are lost as mine.

I get very exciting concept and I decided to start one step which is very challanging for me. Start using muslim mode in the morning (till 9) and night (from 8). I still could keep in touch with my family by skype. No social media in my laptop though. This is one step of mine. I hope I can be productive insyaallah.

So, after seminar. I was trying to be focus and productive eating my lunch and I founs very lovely moment of my life. I feel the moment, get connect with birds which came to me. I even feed them with my bare hand. I love it.

So the thing is, do what you believe. I really appreciate what Allah has given to me today. Alhamdulillah

So, here is the foto....
Hope you positive thinking everday



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