Lesson of Time Management

Hi Everyone, Now I am at Monash Caufield University.
this time is semester break, so I can write as much as I can, haha.. So, what I have learned in this beautiful country is about Time management. I am kind a not really on time for some occasion things such as hangout with friends, or having my me time, surrounding no where. However, in here is different, because the public facility is really good and on time, I should manage my time on every activity such as shopping or attending a seminar. now, here is the thing. because the transportation is really on time and manageable, which is always come every 20 minutes, I must be in time person or I'll feel not good for the rest of the day (eh, not so, but ya). for instance, I will go shopping and check the bus that will stop near my bus stop at 8.16, and I measure my time walk from my house to bus loop is about 5 minutes. I am ready to go at 8.10. However, I have too much things to do when I'll go such as try to find my keys, bring my drink, I think I need to take my troly (is it right, haha) in the garage etc. I go to the bus loop, but when I am already there the bus is not coming because it already 8.18. Just two minutes late, or even sometimes just 1 minute. As the consequences, I must wait for the next 20 minutes in the cold Australian country, freezing.

The second lesson is today, when I became a volunteer and could not catch up the bus on time, wait for 20 minutes and being replaced for someone else because I was late 8 minutes. However, Alhamdulillah I have learned something today, that to be a presenter I must come on time and fulfil my self with knowledge, improve my communication skill, and improve my quality. that's why I am here, study hard for something big. I must be prepared! I can do it, and I will win Insyaallah.

"film documenter" is very interesting for me. It open my mind to see someone's perspective and see what is happening in my country. I hope I can be "Andalan" for my country. I can do it and I will Insyaallah.

Yes.. it sounds too ambitious isn't?
I'll do it step by step, start it from a small action, start it from myself.
I hope you find your big goals too and be patient with the process, start from small
Keep Positive Everyone!


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