Considering your learning Style

Hi, I am Icha and now I am studying in Monash University, Australia

I would like to share with you, everywhere you are and whatever you do .. you must know yourself.
you must love yourself
you must take care of yourself
because only you responsible of yourself

here is the thing, I realize that how I perform better is when speaking while I studying, just like I myself lead me to do what the next step is. It seems like strange for some people, but it really works for me. I can take away all of the procrastination and focus on writing my assignment. Is that looks tricky? (no, what is the thing that I am going to say....................................?????)

okay, so that is my learning style and what I need to do is find a quite place that not disturb others, which is library is not the right choice. I need a private place, not because I am so selfish with myself but because I need to be noisy to learn something and to make it done ASAP.

I am so excited because I have already found a house that really match with me, not close to the main road, just a minute to university and the most important is my housemate always go out and come home in afternoon.. hohoo... I didn't mean to be not good, I really like her but I just need to express myself and not disturb anyone, in other words, I need to be alone ( I mean just sometimes, not always).

Unfortunately, I should find another house because her family will come to here and they prefer to live with their family. it means that I need to find a place that near to university, have a quite place, find only female muslim that live there and a spot that I can express myself. I still have no idea where to go but I hope Allah guide me to that place.

I think just it. what I am going to say is when you know who you are, what you need and what are you doing right now it is really matter because time, place and opportunity is not always come when you are not prepare well. So, prepare yourself with knowing you learning style, your purpose of life and regarding of time management or life management, you must put yourself as your first priority.

I hope Allah guide you, help you and complete you
Jazakumullahkhair, Assalamualaikum wr.wb

Keep Positive everyone!!


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