Allah will help us, guide us and complete us

one of the most powerful ayah for me is in surah Yusuf, wallahu 'alaa amrihi walaa kina aksarannasi la yak'lamunn. it means that Allah is the controller of human, Allah has managed our life but just few people know. It doesn't mean we just give up and wait, but it means we need to have a clear intention on what we are going to do, do it and even if we haven't see it keep believing that Allah will guide us.

btw.. why am I write about this, well.. sometimes I feel so powerful to do anything today, but in other cases I feel fall down too deep with procrastionation and I can't get away from it. I am trying my best to get out but it's keep disturbing me. especially, when I listen to music. I guess I have written about this well, it is the same cases.. still thinking wheather music is forbidden or not in Islam. but eventhough it is not forbidden but I can feel it has too much disadvantages than the advantages. Also, I think that how could I do this, Allah gave me ear to hear, time to invest on akhirah and oppourtunity to study. but I was wasting my time listen to music, have fun and let my time spent with nothing, without any benefit for my dunya and akhira. it just for fun, just a while. a very powerful hook to take me away from productivity and it seems close my heart from doing good. its too drama, but just be honest what you feel when you listen to pop music, it drags us to be bad person, to be powerful as we can do anything we want, especially bad things. I hope Allah help us and guide us, Amin.

I can not say that I'll just leave it straight forward, and choose not to listening music. it's totally impossible but I'll try ma best to leave it. even, if I need it I could manage it and choose the right one and not too much. fortunately, now I didn't listen to it anymore. I hope Allah guide us to use our time productively and invest to our Akhira and dunya, Amin


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