Who am I and where are come from

I just realize that everything we see, think and do everyday will create who we are. I know I have some bad behaviour and good act too. so, I would change the bad to something more productive, I would use my time properly and become more straight to choose what is good for me and what is not. I must take away all of procrastination that is not good for me, in this world and afterworld. I know its not as easy as I write that but I promise myself to be leader of myself and fight for the best version of me.
what we watch everyday on the screen seems like create our character and guide our decision. I would like to be different and become conscious of my present. I hope Allah guide me to the right path.
its so important to walk in time when you know where are you come from and where you want to go, what you want to do now and what is it for? for who and why...
but guys, I would like to tell you something that I found the right system or method or whatever is it called to wake up in the morning. actually, I had known this before but I didn't follow it. now I know the difference and it change my whole day. first, sleep early after isya and have intention to wake up early in the next morning. today, I did wake up early and have morning running too, it such as dreams come true, where I can run in a nice place with trees everywhere. Alhamdulillah.
Tomorrow I can't promise you, but I really enjoy today's life. I feel more energetic and peaceful. oh ya, one more thing that also important, advice from mufti menk is read at least one ayah before you get out from your house today, or before you sleep. it could change your life, it could change your life.

Thanks Allah,
I hope this useful for you guys
Keep Positive Everyone!


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