Time Management and Learning Step by step

Assalamualaikum .. Selamat hari kemerdekaan!
Today, I would like to share something that I've learned in my first month in Australia, instead of my homeworks, reading list and assessment at the same time I learn about how do I face this assignment without hurting myself, haha..

time management is like you prepare for future and make your whole life better (Super overreacting!) but this is really serious because too much procrastination such as social media, email, facebook that must be checked every hour and such as and such as (my lecture's style, hoho). I learn to do quality time for my study, my self, my community and even for fun. everything have their own time, I become more focus and aware of myself. Because, previously I tend to do my activities with my cellphone, while I am eating, watching, even do my homework. but now, I need to be more serious and I realize doing that is not a good idea eventhough you are a multitasking girl.

second, I learn to learn something step by step, breaking down your assignment that you think is hard to finished. because somehow we just avoid assignment and wait it till the date submit. but here, it's completely not a recommended style because it will determine your score which is actually you can do better and do the best in here is not a statement, its an action. I always want to do my best, as they did that to me. I always received the best service which I think I need to do the same on my study too.

I and other students, mostly from china and Asian, share a lot about strategy of learning. a lot of people have their own method. I feel that sharing will make you better because you are having a new perspective of study as I did today. I talked to my housemates from Indonesia too how she overwhelmed her assigments, instead of her son that always need her attention and I found her method sleep early and studying at night. I did it today, and I finished the fourth of my assignment. which is a big step and I love it so much. doing differently is always create a different results. but, don't change that if that is work for you or good things that you need to share.

well, I hope I can do this for long term, because that's a very brilliant idea to study when you are ready and stop when you tired. sometimes, we force ourselves to keep doing the assignment till night. however, we need to rest and go back to study after that. So, I can feel the benefit of this learning strategies. I hope this will benefit you, and you can share with your friends or family.

Keep Positive Everyone!


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