New Lesson for me in Australia

Hi Everyone!
So glad that after my news is published today, I have 11 readers today Yeat... I'll update every week. haha

I really appreciate anyone who catching their dreams, yes, I feel the same. it need times and hard work, a lot of du'a because only Allah can help us even when we don't know anything about what are we dreaming of. feel free to share in here. the first thing in Australia that I have learned is politeness, to say sorry and thankyou to bus driver, seller, and receive a very welcome smile from people around here. Jadi, budaya kecil seperti ini sangat-sangat membuat nyaman saat pertama kali disini, entah kenapa saat kita menerima ucapan terimakaasih, bukan dari penjual ke pembeli saja tapi bahkan mengucapkan terimakasih pada bus driver, mengucapkan sorry ketika tidak sengaja menyenggol orang lain. ataupun menghalangi orang yang berjalan. it teaching us about how to appreciate others and small things around us. well, if you didn't get what I have said, then travel!

too many international students here, we can see a lot of culture and different style that they use, but fortunately no one care about it. it seems like everyone agree that "we are different, and you can be yourself whatever it is" it feels so comfortable and I simply adjust in here. Alhamdulillah.

so guys, I really want to share a lot to you but see in the next article!


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