Mount Buller, Snow for the first time

it's exactly on 6 august 2016, I guess I just will go next year, but Allah give me a magical moment. suddenly a group of family canceled their ticket and sell it to others. then, here I am... among kind people, lovely moment with friends and beautiful scene with snow everywhere. I really hope I can see the raining of snow but, its totally clear. I can see everything is so beautiful, with greeny view and warm wheather in the mountain. how magical.

I learn a lot in there, learn about how you can enjoy your time by yourself and how can you believe that everything is gonna be allright. believe in Allah that everything is will be fine. that's how is it going.

secondly, I always do overthinking which is not so bad, but not a good behaviour too. so, I hope that I can manage that and become more flexible with all that I have. yups, whatever that has happened is the best for me from Allah.

hey, why don't I talk about the snow buller.. haha
so, we are gathering in Monash Clayton University at 6 o'clock. going by bus for about 4 hours. they have 15 breaks after 2 hours, which is you must in hurry to toilet because there is a long queue. specially for women's toilet. we took a picture near the horse stone, which is about 60 people there. there was three bus and arrived in different time. in bus 3, my bus there was many people that I have known so I felt like going with my family. after took my lunch, I, melly and ratna went to chairlift by bus. it is an old bus but still running. I am so anthonised seeing everyone using this transportation. maybe because this is free and no way to walk in coldy wheather. at the first time seeing the snow, I felt so blessings, Allah is so good to me, giving me a chance to came here and looked at this magical water. haha.. whatever it is called but for 23 years living in this world, that is my first time seeing that. but yeah, everyday is the first time for me too, so I feel grateful.
then, in the chairlift, three of us felt so worried because the chair isn't stop when we want to sit in there, and there just a big snow, we stand in the high place so I was trying to watching how does it work, there are no safety like we are playing roller coaster. it just like that, sit with holding hand in front of us. so, when I just sat down there and looked down there, I shouted a lot, but finally trying to be relaxed. finally, I took my cellphone and sent it to my family. hey, I am in chairlift!!

we took a lot, a lot of pictures! and played the snow, took it with my hand and just throw up high. I am so happy. and the second magical moment is I just got the toboggan from mba tiwi, who had played that with his son, Attar. and here I am. played the snowboard, or toboggan exactly :P.
it was so much fun! I felt down many times, but I tried it again and again until I can drove it. even, I with mba dorsy took a video together which is so much fun. haha..

the last is, three of us just took a lot of pictures in poppokitchen (I hope it's right), we found a beautiful chair and took a picture there, and found a lot of olaf. I am so grateful got friends like them and we really enjoy the moments.

we were going home at 3 o'clock and I just feel so dizzy in the bus. sampai muntah-muntah... iuhhh
but, after that I felt better. prayed in the bus which is a nice experience too. the next day??? hmm.. guess what.. even that is more excited!

we had BBQ party, ate sate padang. which is real padang because uni tili cooked it. I came a little bit late because it was the though trip to mount buller. and we have talk and laugh in there. khalif really a nice kids too, he talked a lot and I learned some new vocabulary from him. haha...
after that, we just went to fortuna street to played angklung which is my first time and it really easy and lovely. played together and have fun at the same time. Alhamdulillah.

so, yup!
Keep Positive everyone. I will upload the foto the next day in the next article. see ya!


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