Management Time

ok, here we go, I will explain about anything I know how to manage your time properly. this is my favorite part when I am studying. I always need paper to do this.

we have deadline, list to do but sometimes we just think about it and didn't try to write it on paper. however, it is completely important to manage your time, write down it on paper and write what is your priority, when to do it and how you manage all of the task properly, on time, even, better!

so, there are three things you can do, first, list all of your to do list, include big assignment and break down it to small activites, second, set your priotise. and the last, put your timeline and deadline that you need to accomplish. then, be yourself and enjoy your day with disciplinary on you.

ok, well, I have only three things to do, weekly activity and some things to do but not so important such as buy some foods, shopping. however, there are some list to do that if you didn't do that, It will delay your next project which is very important. Sooo... things to do that not so important but if you didn't do it will make your next project become hard is things to do fast! do it when you can, do it when you are with your procrastination. this is sometimes also happen to me too, but nevermind, we can manage it together.

so, list to do only have one role, do this spell "when you remember, do it"
just it.
when you have prioritize everything and would do that, just use this spell and all of your list to do will completed, on time, even in time and better!

so guys, in doing writing, I just wrote it and do it little by little and I really want to finish it, I didn't write it or prepare anything. I just put it into an action. however, this is different. I have list to do, assignment and plus my mind never stop thinking about a to z, so I need this method too. especially this writing, it to remind us to stay in the right track. ok. I Won't waste your time more with some spell and motivation. it is time for you to put your to do list into an action!

Keep Positive everyone
Clayton, Australia


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