am I homesick? (reflection)

Yups. Just not more than a month I am here, but I feel like a bit missing home, hahah..
no way, I have mission in here, I just want to have a lot of rest because I am a bit wont to understand about this assessment. but, I am so grateful there is no exam. and I'll try my best to use my time properly to balance my academic, social life and join the volunteers. about my accommodation? (still wondering about this, where should I go after this) well.. I'll give it to Allah no matter what, he is the best planner. I believe in Allah. I have some plans but tawakkal with Allah's decision.

well, why am I here? of course to gain more knowledge, I want to expand my networking and have a lot of experience in here. I know I must balance all of them and not taking it in one go. as long as I get information I'll take it. but, I hope Allah guide me which way I should go because I don't know which one is the best but Allah knows.
lets say that I have some dreams that I want to do, let's state it from now on and do my best. first of all. I really want to wake up early in the morning. but, I have some homework that I want to do. well, I haven't done anything yet. so, Let's go out today. I'll make my own plan so that I can manage my time properly and not waste my time just for nothing. but I've done two task, there will be three task more. two opinions and one for 4610 that I almost done that. I just done some and I need some editing. I hope I'll done that tomorrow morning before 10 am. then, go to take my shoe and go to campus. or maybe I can go to campus early in the morning, finish my task and done that before 12, take my shoe (just bought it) and home. cook a lot of meals for next week.

I am so grateful to be here, I know this time isn't come twice in my life. I need to be more active and doing everything I can do. I must be success. hope Allah with me and yes, indeed. la tahzan, Innallah ma ana. its written in the Qur'an and Qur'an write the facts. Allah is with me and always with me. help and guide me Allah.
please help me, guide me, and complete me Allah. :)

29th July 2016
Clayton, Australia
Khairun Nissa


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