I would crawl for fajr

I am a muslimah, but.. still in the process of waking up for fajr. I know that we can pray when we wake up just because we can't awake at fajr. but pray at 7 or 6 isn't satisfied me. it's pretty good wake up at 5.30 when adzan is calling, or 4 o'clock in the morning and pray tahajjud.

I just still wondering about myself, why is it hard? I mean it's possible and really easy
ya,.. it is so easy to say at this time but in reality, when I saw the time is coming I just want to run away and back to sleep.

I would crawl for fajr, funny, I would crawl not at fajr but in this midday because when fajr is coming I confuse to choose to sleep or to pray. pray is better than sleep, I know. but still, just struggling for this.

there are some reason makes me wake up early instantly, first because the next day is exam or when I am in pressure or maybe I just can't sleep waiting for announcement. it's to selfish, just thinking about this world and how about my deen? still struggling.

I did many ways, some of them is working and some of them just like that, but overall I truly love morning, I truly love fajr, when the light is blue and the orange sunshine colours the sky.. it's a romantic life and full of happiness. our body produce endorphin ( hormon that makes us happy) . maybe the light looks like in the afternoon but it's different.

thanks for productivemuslim.com always supports me to wake up and responds my question. I end up it with learning the time management which is change my life. I feel more productive and it's a treasure knowledge.

I believe success people wake up early in the morning everyday. so, I just leave it a while to go back and break the limit, the weakness which close my day, the lazyness which always pass my sunshine, the time which delay my success. I want to be success, and reveals that waking up early in the morning can bring anyone to success, which Allah ask us to wake up for salah and start day because a muslim should be success in this life and after life.

Allah has design our life, our time and the moment, sent us here for a reason. Allah design a perfect life for us, to be a leader for ourselves and we need to be consious to see how is it work, to read the book guidance and experience a beautiful life.

sometimes, it's a long journey. no.. it looks like a long journey but it is not.
our life is so limited, and no one knows the big secret of when their time is up
so, let's just prepare ourselves, just in case..
and.. do our best..

when we love too much this world, then we forgot about the life in the afterworld
but, when we remember Allah, Allah will lead our life in the world to get the success in both life
pretty scary to talk about this
but,, it always makes me patience and stronger when I think about the limit time that I have
it makes me take away my cellphone and not too much in social media
or.. makes me realize and say that's ok to a big problem
or to remember to be happy right now

but, back to crawling for fajr. I would say that I am back
I am back to fight
because waking up at 4 o'clock is my daily habit, it's my time that I must experience everyday
I need to take it and that's my destiny, my right, it will be easy for me to wake up at mid night or at 4 o'clock. anytime that I want. it is easy

not now, yes...
that's why I would take my weapon, (hmm,,.. I would use bow and arrow, ride the horse, use a beautiful fighter's clothes, :P)
and soon, I'll arrive in where I belongs to.
the success me,, I am on my way !!

keep positive everyone :D
Love your day, Today is yours


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