Drama and the power of Giving

First, I won't blaming anyone who has this bad behaviour. I just try to analyze the key of success which I believe we can follow he success way that work for some people. eventhough there is no the measurement but I believe that Allah giving us the same rules no matter what way we achieve the success.

for example, anyone who did kindness Allah will give knowledge and understanding, it's written in surah yusuf. we can do thousands even billion ways of doing this good thing. In this way, I would explain you about what we need to do and what is happening to people when they just do bad behaviour like what I will describe.

you must wondering what is the relationship between drama and success of life or giving to others. I am talking about empathy and our success. we have sensitive feeling, as I called naluri manusia in my language, means its our human nature or nature calling, ya, whatever its called but as a human well being we always have alarm that remind us to do action, but sometimes, we pretend don't know and this can save your money because of your drama but at the same time, you are killing your skill to read the environment around you, you are killing your skill to understand the situation, which make you are not sensitive anymore or loosing your human connection to other people, to people that you know in the past, present or even future. what a incredible story. you would say that I am too drama, but I did analyze people and compare between two different people. Ya, I can say that it's not accurate data but I believe there is a relationship about it.

let's see that when we see someone need a water when we have a bottle of water in our hand or when we just get a ride by our friends which we know it'll will be helpful for her if we pay for the gas because it just too far and she drive along the way, which we have the car and can ride too but just be the passanger.

you know, sometimes, I also pass the moment to do kindness when I did read the situation. Allah ask us to read, to Iqra'. which in arabic it not only means read the book but also situation around us. what
happen and what can we do. Islam is so perfect religion, for the ummah of Rasulullah, the first ayah to us is Read, Iqra'. which means to read.
how to read? of course by learning, and people who read a lot must have a lot of knowledge, not only that they also can write. which improve our brain, to strengthen our memory and make us as intellegent muslim.

I will just to sum it up a little bit, don't leave in the drama and pretend we don't know that someone need help or we just need to pay something to other when the situation is right for us. don't delay it because it will never back or the same anymore, never regret it when you did because your intention will be count by Allah,. there also wll bring us to success because when we read the situation we do something to it then, maybe we need to giving what we have to other, but I believe it will bring us to success in the future and improve our skill as human being, to sympathy to other people, to do kindness and be leader for ourselves, to bring ourselves to success in this world and after world, AMin.


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