Say Alhamdulillah and heal yourself

well, Allah is the controller of our heart, Allah make myself it full of passion but a minute later or even the second afterward I lose my strength but it back in just  one click, how is it happen?
but I see the pattern that Allah allow my heart to have a lot of passion after I read the "positive thinking" words, some words that remind me of the right track, the powerful mind to be a growth mindset.

well, it seems like I just have positive vocabulary to type. Yup, it is also feels like Allah give me a power to heal myself. I just hang out with my bestfriend today, hoping to help her and have a talk about what is just going on in my mind but I feel like she has more problem to hear, she has a lot of story that is needed to respond and listen. so, I decide not to talk about it and just leave myself with the story. however, she is remind me that How lucky I am that she want what I have right now, she is still struggling on it. just like what I did in the past, and I grateful I have passed it, so now I can go forward and further.

so, whe I back home, bring myself with just a little bit energy because I think that my problem so big and no idea to solve it. I stuck in it. but finally Allah lead me to the and show me, cheer me up and tell me that it just piece of cake, just like what my mom said.
so, I wrote down it all, everything that makes me scared, afraid, and disturb me, about my mistake in past that can't change, about myself that missing someone (ups..) or everything.. about 6 pages and I need to write more but I feel much better, I am healed. I realize how good Allah, how kind Allah to me give myself power to heal myself. and let me tell you the secret. write all it down in your secret book, start it with being grateful and tell everything, never hide any expression and be honest, if you like say you like and if you dont say you dont, tell it clearly and be honest to yourself. finally, just try to figure it out, so you can find it so useful. keep asking Allah, the most powerful, who has this world and afterworld. you'll feel awesome.

I think it always work for me, I have started this method since I was in primary school when I face that big problem, I write down it in a piece of paper, and throw it away, make sure no one read that. I always end it up with a solution, minimun, I feel much better.

I really thankful to Allah, just an hour ago I feel so miserable and now I feel energic, full of hope and such as a supernova, I am soooooooooo shiny and bright and burning. of course, in positive way. not too much not even less.

so, it a simple thing but something that I completely grateful and thankful that I found it.
I found you...

if I just search it on something that outside me such as music or movie or friends ( which sometimes also can help us because we are just a human, society creature) or things like shopping (that sometimes I pretend I need it when I get stress, but it not help, just desire to shopping or waste money pretend as a rich girl, hey.. it's good sometimes but just not help to heal myself :P) or something that I should buy or hardly find, I will get a temporary healing, it' just pretend to heal me but it is not. what I really need is myself, a paper, a pen and Allah.. it's enough. Allah is enough for me. well, how beautiful the words...

so, it's such a simple thing, once more I'll told you maybe it works for you guys. maybe we need a psychiateric to listening ourproblems, to make us feel better that someone look at us, care to us but what actually understand what happen to us just us and Allah. Allah that completely care to us, save us and decide how ourlife will be, decide to something that which we can not change and decide to give us a power to change what we can change (qada and qadar) so, let's be connected with paper, or maybe you can curhat it hhaha.. or you can tell it to Allah after your prayer. (make sure no one hear your cry.. hmm.. sorry I am kidding)

well, I feel much better,  never be good as this
Thanks Allah. love you love you love you love you
please help me, guide me and complete me,

keep positve everyone!!


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