Sekilas Cerita Hari ini

Pagi ini, embun pagi membangunkanku.. memanggil-manggil jiwaku yang sedang terlelap.
dan pagi ini aku mendapatkan hadiahnya. wake up at 4 am , early in the morning yeay..!!! Jum'at Barakah
aku pun bersemangat dan memulai dua rakaat untuk memulai hariku. Rasulullah said that when we woke up syeethan put three knots with us, the first knot will be relieved when someone say Alhamdulillah,.. the other one will be relieved when we take wudhu and last one when we pray to Allah SWT. soon after I did shalah, I am awake completely.

then, I saw the cat with four her children just stayed in outside, my mother can not make it anymore, the smell is so unbelieveable. Then, father wanted to take it out, brought it somewhere else far away but safe for them in this rainy days. well, I went with my father. cross the river we found a place that safe near the trees. My father left and I stay to make one round. I had prepared to running in this early morning. well, I didn't bring my cellphone, the view is so enchanted, just like in the wood. But I can't make a pic you know, I just like the time without any gadget in me. just me and the present, I'd like to record it with my eyes anyway. but, that's fine I still can remember the feeling, so great in that morning Friday. So Blessing. maybe it's about 6 o'clock. then, the place is quite big for me to run around the trees, maybe they are rubber trees. oh ya, they are.

I make one round, two round, running and running. I feel so free and no obstacles I bring with me. I am free. completely present.

it's quite wet but convenience to run. then, I continue my walk through the river. well, I really like the spot. I will do everyday. and yes, I am struggling for my morning routine. I love the sky, birds, trees, water.. everything.. and the air.. it is completely different. so freshy, I can feel my mind is so clear and nothing to say. it's completely lovely. no more words, to feel it just really enough.

when I was home, I just realized that I didn't use my sports shoe because it was wet, then my blue pinky shoe just a little bit wet. oh, how I come to the wedding party this weekend with this shoe? I need to clean it up.

I feel sorry for my cats, even I haven't named them. but tomorrow I hope Allah will wake me up so I can see them again.

Keep Positive everyone.


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