Perjuangan Subuh, Lagi

pola tidur yang buruk akan terus menerus terjadi jika kita tak mengambil tindakan untuk mengubahnya. entah mengapa, pola tidurku kembali berulah, tak bisa tidur hingga jam 12 dan bangun pukul 6 but really awake at 8, how miserable my sleep time.

akan ada exam tanggal 20 nanti, dimana tak kurang dari 12 hari lagi. I dont know wheather this is kind of stressful or apalah, tapi bagaimanapun aku harus belajar untuk menghandle pola tidurku dalam situasi apapun. last week, I awake at 6 almost everyday (in a week) then jogging and see the beautiful morning. but now, it just change. everynight, I tried to sleep at 9, turn off the lamp and go to sleep, but its not easy. sometimes I just look at my cell phone till 10 but end up awaken till 12. without or with cellphone. almost at 12 everynight. this must be stopped.

That's why I write in here, to get a solution. I believe that is not only me who have this problem. somebody out there among million of people must have the same feeling like me (hhaha.. maksa). ya., let's figure it out.

here we go, the first thing to do is keep analyze yourself and set the goal.
it feels like you are not you when you are one step closer to your dream, because it's just a little hard or you prefer to stay in your comfort zone. so, let me say that let's move on, move on and change yourmindset first. you should know why you want to do it, why do you need to it, if that is not strong enough.. you may think that it is not important and your ego to sleep again is raise. "Just this time, I'll do it later always come to your mind. finally, early in the morning when you alarmed, your ego win cause you have stronger reason to sleep again, to be comfort. in conclusion, (is this ielts essay :P)... ya, in conclusion you must list your reason why you should wake up in the morning, have a stronger reason so whatever is that you gave up with your ego dan menyerahkan diri untuk bangun dari kenyamanan.

so, here are some list that you can do to think that wake up in  the morning is worth it
First, Think about death.
what do you think if today is your last day? do you want to sleep more in this beautiful morning? hey, today is your last day. wake up. you must feel amazed

second, prepare a drink and bring yourself to the rest room. brush your teeth. or for me take a bath can completely awake me.

the last but not least, write a journal morning routine. give a prize to yourself and write down everything that come to your mind. for me, I bought a book with only 12k, it has 100 pages but the cover is so bored. so, I change it into a beautiful and creative book. I cover it with orange spectra colour and tie it with colourful rope. taramm.. such a nice one.

so, wake up in fajr needs struggle for me. I realize that my problem is a simple thing but ya.. all of us have different and unique problem. for me, and maybe you wake up in the morning is our problem. but trully, that is doesn't matter. instead, be thankful that Allah call us for fajr, the world is calling us for success. Because a success people always have a morning routine every single day in their life. they wake up earlier than others, so, let's do this.

I want to stop but I cant.. haha...
ya, I realize that I need this, so, let's something at night how important this is to me and let's see the next morning.

keep positive everyone!
Love Fajr Timeeeeeeeee.....

now (9.00 AM)
I feel thankful too, let's be grateful for todayyyyy


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