I am Fluctuated

First of all, I would like to say Thanks to Allah who given me this beautiful scenario for my life. I had learned and prepared for my IELTS and get socialized with my old friends.

in the first place, I think make a friend is so waste and I dont like it. why should we care of others? but finally I realized that we are human being. there are too much procrastination around us, cell phone, internet, television, movie. but, instead of just focus on cell phone when we hang out with friends or hang out for just watch a movie it's totally take us away from social life. we need to be present.

I always like this way, then.. when I hang out with my friends, it's totally no cell phones. yeah, we do need to check our emails or other important information. but I think we just need to manage our time because we really keen to check our cellphone. it's useful indeed. but everything that too much is never good to us.

in my mind, how we take our time is really important. what is the goals and how we do it. everything must be something that useful or us. never waste your time.

so, that about sums it up. that's all I think.

note : I am trying to practice my speaking IELTS skill by writing a new linking verbs such as "so, that about sums it up. That's all I think, or in the first place, in the second palce, in my mind" I believe that with writing it I can more conscious to speak this new vocabulary. It's always work I guess.

why I wrote the title flunctuated.
yeah, I haven't tell my story but now is 11.00 I mean almost. I completely need to sleep and rest for tomorrow's next challange. so, II'll keep the title and I hope there is the second version of the title that telling what is in my mind.

Finally, so that about sums it up, that';s all I think
Keep Positive Everyone !!


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