I am Fluctuated (2)

well, finally, I got this beautiful morning again, Alhamdulillah..
the difference is today is a bit unique morning. well, I woke up at 8. yeah.. actually at 7.30 but because I think it's just need to be a bit more.. today is sunday.. I can have a free time a bit more.. then, checking cellphone for almost one hour. but, finally I realize that I can't afford this. open my note book, ask for help to Allah.. and again, Allah responds my du'a

then, I clean up my room, clean up my whole room, wipe and mop it. completely kitchen, living room, terrace and throw the garbage.. oh ya, feed the chicken and take a bath for only 15 minutes. my room is clean which makes my mind clear and I am ready to study myself. at 10 0'clock I ve done everything. yes.. I just take an action for one hour and it seems like change my whole day I feel motivated again.

well, I actually before I did that one hour action, I tried to find what I need to know in youtube. searching for advice. however, the answer is in me and of course with Allah's permission I know what to do. so.. never give up eventhough you have nothing or you seems like have access to internet and a lot of information. if you just searching.. believe in me you'll waste your time for hours. it will safe your time to just Ask to Allah.. and Allah will directly give the answer. instantly.

ya, just bergantung pada Allah.. we can do this and pass through difficult time. everything will be okay and that time is the best for you.

all right then.. flunctuated means that sometimes you feel good, sometimes feel bad. but doesn't matter whatever  you feel in the past, now or next time.be grateful for this life because good things are going to happen. keep positive and grateful with your day. we just stay in here for a while. we never know what is the best for us. so keep moving eventhough you think today is your worst or best day. it doesn;t matter cause Allah is always with us. be stronger

keep positive everyone :D


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