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30 December 2016, Wake up call

Selamat pagi

Tentang Kita Part II

Morning World

Seven days trip to Tasmania, Australia

One day Trip "Great Ocean Road"

Tentang Kita

Pulang gag ya?

Alhamdulillah, My first critical Essay Done!

reclaim your heart

assignments : responsibility and improvement

Morning 7 o

Morning, Stay with me!

Challange without cellphone for a month

Love and Peace

Merawat Indonesia dari Jauh

What happened to Muslim right now?

Alhamdulillah Hiking 27 oct 2016

Lesson of Time Management

Meet Abu Productive in Melbourne

Considering your learning Style

Volunteer at Monash

Allah will help us, guide us and complete us

Management Time

Who am I and where are come from

Time Management and Learning Step by step

New Lesson for me in Australia

Mount Buller, Snow for the first time

am I homesick? (reflection)

Being independent

Be grateful and Think Positive in every situation

Beasiswa LPDP Part 2 (I am here! in Australia)

Trying means Nothing to Loose

Kita punya rencana tapi Allah yang menentukan

Mendapatkan Beasiswa LPDP, Kuliah di Australia

Tugu monas : see you on the top

Say Alhamdulillah and heal yourself

Drama and the power of Giving

I would crawl for fajr

I am Fluctuated (2)

I am Fluctuated

Sekilas Cerita Hari ini

Perjuangan Subuh, Lagi

Bersyukur, Alhamdulillah atas kehidupan ini

Second Family, Pengalaman di Beastudi Indonesia Preparatory School