Luluskanlah ,.

Luluskanlah ya Allah..
inilah do'aku, do'a seorang hamba kepada tuhannya, yang menguasai alam semesta
Luluskanlah Aku agar aku dapat mewujudkan impianku
dan Dekatkanlah Aku ya Allah..
Dekatkan aku padamu bersamaan dengan impianku.

My dream is so big
even I don't know am I can reach it
is it Possible?
but I believe that My Lord is the owner of this world
nothing to worry about
Just what the Most.. the Most Important is how I prepare Myself to the afterworld

nothing to worry about
when I try to get closer to Allah
Allah reach me even in my deepest place
I think I am too far but Allah get me closer
there's always be like this
whatever will it be but I hope it's always like this

My dream is too big
at least for me right now
but I hope it's a reality for my future
it's ok I can't see it now
but I hope I am walking step by step to reach my dream

My dream is just big
but I know Allah is the Biggest
The Most Merciful

nothing to worry about
every dua will be accomplished
it just need time to be true

I never know am I did the best right now?
but.. I won't to hope my future better
as my present is still like this
I need to make my present best first
then I'll get my future better

Hope Allah always guide me, teach me and complete me


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