What is your priority

when you ask yourselves, what is your priority? you said A, but in times you change it becomes B because of the C reason or D reason. I felt so annoyed by myself, why I can change my mind so easy and won't hear my own heart. Maybe because I am just so easy to blame myself. because I have a desire to have a good environment around me. I just need a feeling to be a good person, to receive the best. eventhough I don't know am I did something best for other people?

this question always come to me, over and over again. why I just like not a head stone person. what we called keras kepala? haha.. I don't know, but ya..

well, when I ask myself, so What do you want?
I'll say that I want it's ok to have really far away place, the most important is I like the place, not very crowded and I did what I want. eventhough, I just take one chance and then there is something wrong then I feel so bad again. well, the conclusion is a choice is created to be choosen, not to be regret.

I hope I can make this. any choice that I made is the best for me. no matter what, I hope Allah blessed me wherever I am. oh god, give me the right way, give me knowledge to understand this. Amin ya Rabb.

I'll do what I want. find a scholarship. so, Keep Positive Everyone !


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