satu video kali ini, membuatku ingat untuk bersyukur. your word can change your world.
let's use english then,.. hihi
this short video remind me to be thankful to Allah, to be greatful and see what I have right now is rahmat, a gift. I must be thankful for that. sometimes I really feel bad because I haven't a job. even in my heart, I promise to be an enterpreneur, have a business and be success in it. I just can't stay in here too much because there is a lot of things to do. I know I must do that early in the morning so that not become too hard. but wash the dish everyday with a lot of amount makes me sick. I just want to have a job and hire people to clean it up.

one more thing is this members won't clean it up too, so I must talk it. this is so stressful because I realize I stay at home, nothing to do and that's what I can do. this is not right, I won't do it anymore.

but, when I just thinking about what others thinking about me also wrong. its a mistake. I must do what I think is right, follow my heart and do action as much as I can. it's never mind to wash the dish as long as I keep doing my job at home, if I want to be a CEO and make an event, just do it. maybe it can help me to keep busy and use my time effectively.

ya, I never see what I have and my ability. I always jealous with what others get. this is something wrong and I must change my mind. everything that I have right now is a gift, and I have my own story and I believe I'll be success. no matter what, I don;t need others perception, others word to makes me happy. I myself who did.

then, when I am not success i dont care about what others say
when I am success I will try to be humble, I dont need their words , even in my first time and I just want to live and be better everyday. I want to learn and use my time to learn, to be skillful and smart.

I have my own story and I proud of myself.


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