Wake Up in the Morning, Again and Again

after about three days, I woke up at seven. finally, I am awake at 5 this morning. it's really beautiful no busy time, it's just me time and I do what I like. it's a great two hours. I wake at 5 and prays. I don't know it just like a big pusher. or maybe because I pray isya on time that night.

well. I'll continue the story, I wake up and remember I have internet connection but only till 6 am. so maybe that's one of the reason why I wake and take away my lazyness. after pray, I turn on my wifi and surf in internet. it's really fast, but browsing for one hour isn't not much, I just download some software and watch in youtube. i see how people spend their time in outside early in the morning. they have dog and jogging. I hope someday i have a cat and jogging in the early morning too.

at 6, I decide to take a bath, and a little bit concert. it's so nice because I just knew a new song. you know, song a new song is fantastic for me. you have a new rhytem and try to remember the lyrics.

I help my self and finally go to work at 7 o'clock.

now at 11 everything is done, I am cooking a gulai chicken, what we call that in english? it's not chicken soup. it is more tasty and yummy. I also cook some tumis kangkung, haha,, I don't know what shoud I call that in english. I have a new recipe and the same as yesterday, I cook it again because I really love it.

 oh, I forget to tell you that I have breakfast at 7. before I go to work. I made a bake bread with slices of banana. it's so freshy. I take a picture and send it to my group. 3 women 3 islands to remind them about our adventure in java, bali and lombok for 2 weeks. we ate that in bali, I mean for my first time. we only have 3 choices for breakfast and one of them is thiss.

I never eat bread with fruits before. we used to eat bread with souces just like srikaya, or chocholate.

yup, what I do today is so beautiful. thankyou to Allah who given me this scenario, let me wake up and make my life so beautiful. I love it so much and I hope I can pray on time today for 4 time again. cheer me up !!

finally, keep positive everyone. I hope you can find your morning routine and get your "me time" everyday in the morning.



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