in this white paper I'll tell you

this is the tiltle of my paper today. not my research but just my self motivation for myself. I wrote this because I thaught that write something will make me feel better and clear my vision. everyone has their bad day, bad time, bad moment. as long as I know that in this world, problem will never stop coming to you. it will be problem, problem and problem again. so, I conclude that this life is not about what happened to you but how you respons to what happened to you. that's all. in this part, I believe Allah will test me, but still will guide me to my qadar, to my goal with his way.

I don't know what will happen to me. sometimes I feel so excited, but now I can't feel it anymore because the fact in front of me makes me like that. I must wait for a moment, but I can't stop thinking of my dreams. then, now I feel so disapointed with myself. however, I know that I've done the best that I could do. I face my mistakes and solve me. Allah complete me when I fear.

in this white paper I know my english is not perfect. however I don't care about grammar. I just want to tell you that life is like this. you never know what will happen later. today you feel disapointed, ok. it's ok to feel disapointed. that is what you feel, but you must remember that feel your feeling too much, makes negative thinking sourround you and I won't it's happening to you. Now, take away that feeling. ok. you feel disapointed and now what!

you can do something to your life. never think that you are bad or this is you bad moment. face all of it with confident because you were born to be success. you must show to yourself that you can stand up with bad problems in front of you then you can see them and solve your problem one by one.
you are the main character of your life. hey, everyone is watching you right now. they really like your movie and let's do the best for them. Allah is watching you right now, Allah has great plan for you. let's celebrate your life right now. you have everything that you need. you can write, you are feel free and have time to start anything you want.! let's celebrate it. thanks to Allah that has given you this life, give you a chance to feel, to love, to have, to learn, everything.

and now, when you hope something and it's not yet come to you, you think that you are failed. however, you have time to take it in the right time, in the right place and Allah plan it for you. don't be aftaid because Allah is always with you, guide you, complete you in this world and after world so what make you feel bad to try? you must stand up and face your feeling, face the fact and respons them perfectly. don't be afraid, don't be lazy and comment too much. just do what you can!

it's not easy but in the name of Allah
I'll try mybest to live in this world, prepare to after world
I hope Allah is always with me, guide me, and complete me, Amin...


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