Nothing Useless

Kutahu perjuanganku akan terbayarkan nanti...
I believe deep in my heart that someday I can be what I want, have what I want and will reach my dreams.. but by that I will lose my time to chit chat with my friends, to hang out and feel free all the time to used it to the goals that I want.

Not only that, I even can't have a lot of best friend and skills to win the argue with someone else because I always feel afraid and just afraid.

I don't know why.. but I loose it because I lose my self... I too much with goals and end up with this. Am I bad? Oh... I dont think so... maybe I am wrong, I am a lucky girl in this world, I am the happiest girl and full of positif thinking. But sometimes, just sometimes I feel loasig myself. But that is okay... it is so beautiful.

Just like I told you before that I have my own goals and dream... I live it, enjoy it and thankfull for everything I got. Today is gift for me.. Thanks Allah


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