The Same Mistake, But different Case

Questioner : I have a problem in my self, I dont why but I always took the cheapest think, then it's not work at all. what's wrong with me?. because I think it'snot really important and I just want to play around. that's why I choose them. do you think something wrong with me? or.. this is something that actually I dont need to do?

Dear Questioner,
Thanks for writing this letter for me.
well.. I can take the point then. you are do something that actually not necessary, but you really want to do that, but because you think it's not important to you finally you just choose something that actually you don't need to do. so, be careful with what you want to do.

sometimes, we do something just for trying, and we end it with.. oh, I see.
but others, do something because they need it and serious with it, then they end it with, I got it.

which one do you like the most?
however, you must remember that there is quality, there is a price. but sometimes you can't pay a quality. it's just on your character, just could be reach when you build with step by step. now you move forward.

I can say that.. this is not your fault. but because you do something because you just curious with that, but not serious with that. this can be dangerous for you life too. when we try this world, then, we sleep, we do something, try this, ok this is the way.. then you try another thing. then you just the end it with, ouh, I see.

but actually, you must be serious with everthing that come to you. then, you will do your best, choose the best and finally you will got the best what you have fight for. this is influence you, give you experience and lesson when you do that.

so, I really advice you to step forward, be careful with what you want. you must ask yourself, is that what I need right now? then, you can't see the past anymore, look in front of you and follow your heart. in time, you will get it, but maybe right now is not the right time because god have a beautiful plan for you. god won't you get something cheap, Allah will you got a luxury, a quality in your life. so, you must be thankful with this lesson, however, you didn't took it. that mean, the best will come to you.

I'm not a phsycologist, but I love to help others,
then, if you have problem and have questions, you can send me email
it's pleasent to help you and give solution for you guys..

Keep Positive everyone!


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