Pelajaran Kehidupan

Alhamdulillah.. today, I got my energy back! hhaha... how wonderful today. well,, thanks for my bestfriend that leads me to this group and do something useful, then I thirsty until dying but finally I enjoy every step of my life today.

well.. I learn a lot today. you know, when you walk through this world, even not really far away from your house, you will see something that could makes your eyes open, make you understand something, makes you say thanks to Allah, or even makes you want to get what you don't have.

then.. I know that everwhere is it,  mother's love, is forever, even the child can't pay it with anything. when I went to medan by public transportation today, with her I see a mother came to our bus then bring her daugther. there's something happen with the girl, i can't see that she is idiot but it seems like that, then her hand, foot and muscles seems like "kejang".

then, I wanna cry to see them, I shy with myself. Allah give me beauty, intelectual, chance and a big dreams in my head that I can reach, but sometimes I think that I'm not useful, need to die or not beautiful... however, to see her and know her age is 22. I felt so sorry, I believe that her mother even asking Allah why, but she keep love her daughter and introduce her world.

and the second things is about confident and friends. I need to keep positive thinking and become happy when I join them, gathering with a lot people sometimes makes you miscommunication, but if you keep your thinking positive you will get the happiness from that. yeah.. I learn it today.

finally, I want to say to Allah, really thankyou with what I have right now. beautiful place to live, a chance to be anyone I want, dreams to be reach, parents that always support me and give me advice, then finally brothers and sisters and everyone around me that give me a lot lesson.

I can say it seems a beginning of my mind to see that this world is become more prettier than before, it's more shiny, more bright and I brave to walking between the sky and land. it's beautiful and I need to learn to them anywhere, everytime.

one think that still makes me can't control my heart is about how I manage my feeling anywhere, sometimes I really fast to be bored and hate something. but when I open my heart and my mind, I can see it in different side. to makes me learn and understand more.

well, keep positive everyone


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