A letter for Palestine

I write down this letter coz I feel so bad for palestine..
I can't do anything here
I just heard the news and see the pictures
Its hurt my self so much
Too many bomb, and live in the place that not save for you coz israel attack you
I hope Allah give a freedom for your country
I hope Allah make you stronger
And send an army from his side to help you

My brother and sister in palestine
I am from Indonesia
Not only me care for you but most of us
And we are here for you
If there is something that I can help you
If I can go there and help you..
I'll do

My brother and sister in palestine
You are the strong muslim in this world
Don't be afraid with israel'a army
Coz Allah has the strongest army in this world and after world
They are weak
They are afraid with your spirit
Allah will help you
Allah must help you ..

Save palestine


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