Do different, Got Different

Today, I force myself to keep awake after fajr until now, 7 o'clock. as usual, I really sleepy after prays fajr, eventhough I can stand for 30 minutes, but from 5.40 to 6.30 is very urgent for me. when I sleep, it's a bit hard to make me awake, then I'll wake up at 8 to 9 o'clock. that makes me dissapointed. but now, I can force myself and do mybest. I'm trying to keep awake with watching appa odiega on my laptop, that's funny and full of happiness.

I hope, Tomorrow I can do something else, maybe jogging or do some sport. then the next day I hope i can wake up by myself, Amin.

However, I have an Idea to keep awake with watching TV, because I got a letter from myself in the past. I really thankful with her because she honest and have a big force to change. then, I think I will make it come true and do it for her, and for my future.

I believe, I must do something else. if usually I choose to take a rest or sleep just for 10 minutes to take away my sleepy, now I choose to do something that coulg throw away this sleepy eyes. then, laugther make my mind awake and my eyes keep open. Alhamdulillah.

then, I say to myself I hope I can do it and do it better than me in past. give an oppuortunity for me in future, the next day of me.

for you that having a hard time to keep awake, I hope this can help you. find something that keep you awake. then, I know maybe this won't work forever, I must keep moving and find another way then I won't bored.

if you have another solution for me and others, Please give a comment.

Then, actually, it's not come suddenly when you have an idea when you are sleepy. example, i have a lot of things that I think I can do it. reading (I prepare the book in my bed), listening music (radio in my room), watching TV and Movie appa Oedigga that has been ready to watch in my laptop.

but I just think that I neeed to read to keep me awake, after 10 minutes. I feel sleepy and have no idea to awake anymore. but finally, because I read not in my room, there's a lot mosquito outside. I wake and really bad sleepy. finally, when I see my letter beside my mirror, I read it, then, I remember another method to keep me awake.

in short, when you have an idea and know it's work for you, then, you must prepare it and make it ready to use. finally, don't forget to do something to make you remember, write a letter, take a note, alarm, or anything that can remind you when the urgent time came.

finally, Keep Positive everyone!


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