Gain the Spirit

is that right? I want to create my own spirit by writing on this wall. I need something coz I really sleepy. I know that we need one hour to sleep to makes our brain works properly. it's also nice if I can eat right now. but after eat, what will I do? I don't really know.

what will I do is I want to write. make one writing and send it to the newspaper. that kind of life that I want to do. you know, just sit here, and use my brain. and send all of my writing there.

actually, I hope that i can make one book, and printed it. then, I can have one book, the best seller book, the motivation book for everyone. however, I know that I must be an inspiration for everyone. I wanna be!

well.. when I can write one motivation book, then I can sell it, give seminar, talk in front of a lot of people and motivate them, and sell the book too. and two or three years later after that books is really booming a producer come to me and ask to film my book. then, i make it series just like harry potter. then I become rich with my bestseller book, and motivate other people too. then, I also can go around the world with that, not only around indonesia, I also go to another country because they ask me to go.

then, finally, every month I can ask my family, especially my parents take a rest, a great holiday with VIP service. we go to bunaken, canada, korea, lombok, pulau komodo, and the best place in this world.

that's what I really want to do in my future time. I know right now I am a student, and soon, I'll be graduated and free from task and assigment. hhaha..

however I really miss this, sit in this library, get this enviroment that maybe I can't get anywhere. this university is suitable for me, not really big but not really bad too. I can meet with good people, inspiration and also respect me a lot.

I hope I can countinue my study abroad, find another place, and start my dreams there. I wanna be a writer. then, maybe I can do that, probably I'll take some study about writing novel or best seller story from the expert, Amin.

well.. I feel more excited now..
let's start with one article!


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