The Power of Mindset

Mindset can brings you to sucess but it's also let you to fail all the time, anywhere you are. I won't makes you afraid with this life, but this is really work I think.

there are many things about mindset, and I'll divide it into three categories. first is Positive thinking, negative thinking and  your experience. three of them will brings you to the life that you have in your mindset.

Positive Thinking

this will brings you to success. but too much positive thinking also makes you lazy,.. so, you must let yourself to positive thinking anytime, just to make sure that your goals is in your hand. don't let it go and keep on your way.
yesterday, I went with my uncles family, I think he is success. and you know what, whatever come to him, he always replies with positive respons. I think that's so cool, that's why whatever com to him, he always thankfull to Allah. and Allah give him more and he also thankful with that. that's so great.

and even when his children said. "when we go it's raining, and now we home it's raining too..."

then I replied with negative respons
"yeah, makes tired" i said

my uncle said with his positive respons that makes me write this article "rain is grace, for all of the tree and us"

it makes me realize.. yeah.. why should I create the negative if I could create the Positive that will bring my heart stronger!

that's why anytime I choose something, between two. I always feel awkward. when I choose one, I feel bad
when I choose another I regret it
just like eat simalakama fruit.
and I think. this time to create positive thinking in my mind and let it bad as usual. then change it to positive energy with your spirit to change and be better.

well.. that's so cool

the second about the negative thinking

I have friend who always do this. I even tired with his mindset. well, but he is very good person, he teach me about friendship.

I always ask him to be positive, however, now he is change to be good person, eventhough negative thinking always come to his mindset.

but with all of that, I learn to be more thankful with what I have and learn how to be positive thinking. how miserable to be negative is.

well.. negative thinking is the opposite of positive thinking. but this thinking is also important to makes you aware and be careful, to create spirit in your self. but not too much, and also don't complain. you must let this energy positively, with use it to create spirit in your heart and as your awareness to be more careful with the challenge in youself. but not too much.

everything in this world, if too much is also can brings bad things for you. even eating, that you need everyday, if you eat too much it will create fat in your bad and take away your confident.
rasulullah Saw, said not too over, and rasulullah teach us from the small thing that we do everyday. we must remember that.

the third about mindset is your experience.

this is special to anyone who want to do something, that ever happend in the past, and she try again but because the mindset, she will be afraid and not confident.

what.. who is she? i even don't know, I hope she never make her mindset exist like that!

if this come to you, you must change your negative thinking, your fail to be carefull and aware with everything that will come to you. this can help you to keep learn, study and work hard to not replied it two times.

and you must keep it to make you studying. while that things, use your positive thinking to create your study hard, with the energy from negative thinking, then, use positive thinking to say you can do it and you will make it!

every big steps is start with one step

you must do it one by one, start from everything that you can made today. from the easiest, then it will develop to something great.

I wanna be an ambassador, with that, I must start it from young ambassador but to do that I must be ambassador from this family, and I must be ambassador from myself, and also I must start to create ambassador behavior, ambassador thinking, ambassador charachter. and the most important is I must be an intelectual muslim to be an ambassador, start it from one day in my life.

well.. the most important is you must create your experience, and mix it with your imagination to create it comes true. well... you can do as I did above!

keep positive everyone :D


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