About Prays

I realize that I am used to prays five times a day. but, now... that I still force is to prays fajr. do you know that muslim that can't prays fajr is called munafik?. I won't be that one. that's why... when I prays dzuhur, ashar and maghrib I try to be on time. actually, sometime I am afraid that people will think oh, how imaan i am, but actually my iman is still learning. but.. I don't care what other people says. I'll try my best to be ontime.

if talking about islam, sometimes I feel really curious, then I don't understand and stand back. but after that, I'll step forward and want to learn more and more. I think it's good, but sometimes i feel afraid of myself. Hope Allah SWT Save me from the evil voice, Amin.

today, I've make a promise to meet someone, but it's raining. I love raining. when it's rain I feel comfort, (when I stay at home). do you feel the same?

in this world, everything sometimes hidden, even that's in front of our eyes. I just want to be respect with others. then, I'll see that with my heart. everything.

then, i just have time half hours more, before I go. I think the rain starting to stop.  in that time, I;ll expense it to write and eat breakfast.

about prays,.. I hope Allah guide me to be on time muslim. and always keep in touch to Allah.


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