Teori Do it Now is always Works !

hari ini, 9 November 2013
such as a great start for me. when I saw the clock is 4 o'clock I just wake. then decide to wake up. that's easy coz I remember that i have two choices. wake up, or sleep. if I sleep, I won't do this anymore. however, I can't prays fajr. but if I wake. I can do everything. yet, that's what I want. then, I wake and prays.

such an easy things. but I need to practice it everyday to make it my behavior. eventhough this is so dangerous. because i can stop this anytime because 3 hours early is the best way to sleep again. but I'll try my best not backs to sleeping.

cheer me up!

okay, let's watch some movie. never back to sleep!


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