Morning Routine

there is no choice for anyone who didn't commite to herself. when you say you want to write and finish it today. you start do that, but you are back off and do anything else. I can call that as distraction. but if I didn't force too much i won't get much.

this life is sometimes makes you happy, then sad and happy again. the cycle that you must understand and every force is has the price. belongs to your choice.

I always says easily that I want to wake up at 4, then write and then Fajr, then Jogging. that's easy to say but in reality you must fight the lazyness, sleepy, and other distruction that makes you back to your dream and lose everything. or i can;t say that is everything. however when you didn;'t got it, nothing to lose.

I even don't know what I am talking about. of course, this is not diary, but a place to share to everyone, every young muslim, every people in this world.

if I say i really love, honestly I did. that makes me want to write in english, speak in english and also be productive. thanks for abu that create such a usefull website.

I love motivation, however I know, the best motivator is yourself. and I am a weak girl. I always feel weak, useless and other bad stuff that stay in my heart. i don't know how to avoid it, but I am sure all of it is there for a reason. and i was born to solve every single problem that coming to me.

talking about mourning routine again, this morning till 9 am, i just do nothing. i really hope that i can write something usefull not only for me but also for readers. well... it's always need time to do that. :D

just keep positive everyone 


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