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 I made this a years ago. i remember that my teacher, Mr.Clinton give assigment about exam for entering the university. then, i work for all the night to finish this. I am trying to be a good student. he is very great teacher, inspired me a lot. however, I think this is a good time to publish this on my blog. give me a comment if you agree or disagree with my writing. Thankyou
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                There are 3 kinds of public university entrance test in this year. There are SNMPTN, SBMPTN and UMB. SNMPTN hasn’t written test to enter one of the public university. Its according to the national examination score. This is called invitation lane (Jalur Undangan).
           The second is SBMPTN (Seleksi Bersama Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Nasional) or the nasional university entrance selection. That will be held on 17-18 June 2013. The written test of SBMPTN is design to rate the general knowlge that predict can determine the successful of candidate students in all of study program, such as the higher order thinking include academic potensial, mastering of basic education, sains, social and humaniora. Beside follow the written test, the candidates who choose the art program study or sport program study supposed to pass the skills examination.
             In addition, to follow this test the students must follow some requirements to participate. First, the students must graduated from senior high school, and healthy as well. The purpose of this written test is to eliminate the students to study in the state university and help the students to choose more than one state univeristy. 
And the last is UMB (Ujian Masuk Bersama) or gathering entrance examination. Will be held on 21 July 2013.

             This test is almost same with SBMPTN but the different is the UMB only provide 13 state univeristy and 9 private university to be choosen by candidate students. It’s also different with the payment. UMB has some level or type of payment according to the number of study program that the students decided to enter.
Three of them are national entrance university test that followed by almost all of the students in this country. The advantages of take part with this test is the students can pay their school administration cheaper and big oppurtunity to get scholarship. State university also as the prestigious events to all of the fresh graduated students.
         The last is general university entrance test which will be held by each of all the university in this country. 
All of this university entrance test is necessarily to eliminate the best students to continue their education. I agree with this system. afterall this system will show the true score of the students. As we know, national examination sometimes isn’t pure of the student’s score.
      The score is counted by the numbers of mistakes and true answer of the test. The true answer means plus 4 point and one mistakes means minus 1 point and no point for blank answer. 
However behind the systematic rules there is always some error system. Some people who wants to win easily anyway. Just like to pass the university entrance test by SNMPTN, they are recover their raport score by paying the school or to some individual. Or to pass the SBMPTN they use “joki” or someone whom is paid to give the answer keys.

        This kind of error procedure must be under arrasted. The government plays the rule to save the purity and expeditious of the university entrance test. 
The advantages of this system is to force the students to be more diligent and responsibilty of their future. To study in the best university, the students must fight themselves to study and mastering the materials. They also should sacrifice their times and mind to help them used to study hard and get the experience of this battle.

The choosen students who is passed will be more confident and will not abandon their opportunity to study in the university. This also will help them not only to appreciate their times and workhard but also to understand about themselves and competition.
         Beside that, the failed or not lucky students will learn how to accept of one condition. This is also kinds of oppurtunity that makes them learn more to study hard, understood about workhard, received their effort, ikhlas, build their character to be patient and responsible, and evaluate their own mistakes in the past.

TEMPO.COJakarta – Direktur Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan (Kemendikbud) Djoko Santoso mengatakan bahwa perguruan tinggi negeri sudah setuju menggunakan hasil Ujian Nasional (UN) sebagai syarat masuk perguruan tinggi negeri. “Perguruan tinggi sudah setuju,” kata Djoko ketika ditemui di kantornya.
Djoko mengatakan kebijakan tersebut mulai diberlakukan tahun depan. Dengan demikian, nantinya perguruan tinggi negeri tak perlu lagi mengadakan tes atau ujian lain untuk menyaring calon mahasiwa. Cukup berpatokan pada nilai UN siswa. “Agar irit, jadi tak perlu ada tes lain,” kata dia.
Djoko mengatakan sistem penggunaan nilai UN sebagai syarat masuk perguruan tinggi negeri sebenarnya sudah diterapkan tahun ini. “Calon mahasiswa yang masuk melalui jalur undangan kan dilihat berdasarkan nilai UN,” katanya.
Adapun daftar calon mahasiswa yang masuk melalui jalur undangan itu ditentukan langsung oleh setiap perguruan tinggi negeri. Setiap perguruan tinggi negeri ditetapkan untuk mencari 60 persen calon mahasiswa dari jalur undangan.

Tempo.co-Jakarta – Director Jendral of higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) Djoko Santoso said that state university has agreed to use the score of National Examination (UN) as the requirement to enter the state university. “State University has agreed.” Said Djoko In his office.
Djoko said the policy will start next year. Thus,  the state university isn’t need to held the university entrace test or other examination to eliminate the students anymore. The score of national examination is enough. “in order to economic, there’s no need any test” he said.
Djoko said the score system of national examination as the requirement of  university entrance test acrually has been applied this year. “the candidate students who enter the university through lane invitation has seen according to national examination score,” he said
As for the list of candidate students who enter through the lane invitation is decided immediately by each state univerisity. Each state univeristy is set to fing 60 percent candidate students through the lane invitation.

              From the reference we’ll see that there’s a way to pass the university without any test. Eventhough there’s only 60 percent chair. But I think it’s enough to help some students to get their study based on their effort on national examination. 
The entrance university test is necessary. Because if the government only rate the students ability by the score of national examination. It will create a chaos in this education system. As we know, indonesia has so many province and the education system is not equal. In addition, every school has different standard. To show their existence, Every school will improve their standard. But if the standard is not accompanied with quality. The score of national examination will be uncontrolled. 

              That’s why for this condition education system still need another test to eliminate the students to continue their education. However, we must realize the function of national examination is to evaluate the students, the government must use the different question to selection purpose.
                The second is academic potensial test. In national examination there is no question or test to count the students psychology and general knowledge. In fact, to select the majority in state univeristy isn’t as easy as answering the answer sheet. The students also must ready psychologily and health as well to know if the department is match and compatible with the student’s personality.
The competition spirit is also need to pass the entrance university test. With this kind of competition the students will see their ability and compare it with the other students. This way will help the students to support themselves to study more and improve their qualities.
             However some people think that the entrance univeristy test isn’t necessarily help. Eventhough there is some fraudulance or corruption on some cases. But afterall we can see the advantages of this test.
Thus, the students who is passed their national examination can find a lot of test to continue their study. This will makes the students learn and study more to show their existence. In their age, is the mature periode. They faced on the reality but still on controll by the parents.
                 This test also need requirement. The students learn to prepare their own materials to complete the regulation and files. Some of the students sometimes not only from the fresh graduated students, but also some of them is from the last graduated students.
              That’s must be different between this two kinds of students. The fresh graduated students has more plus point because they have learned for three years in senior high school full stop. And the last year graduated students didn’t have any education for a year. We can’t just judge them from their national examination score. However, the ability sometimes gone because there’s no practice.
              As we can see. The entrance univeristy test for state university and private university is different. We can compare both of them is drastic different. The state university such as SBMPTN and UMB or STAN is very difficult. We must answer the right answer minumum half of them. The number of question also different. Usually, the public university has easier question with only general question.
Eventhough the existence univeristy can’t judge the ability of the students. But for education we must separated the diligent students or best students with other students who not lucky or still not study hard for their future.
            This education level will creates a good condition in this country. As the development country, indonesia not only need smart people but also enterpreneur that can brings this country to the progress and autonomy to be developed country.
            The entrance univeristy test is also one of the scary moment for some students. Most of them feel nervous but because of that all of them will prepare their best for this competition. That’s such a good relief for them to experience themselves to practice their mental.
Eventhough some of entrance public univeristy is easy. but to divided the students it can be very helpful.

            Entrance university test is necessarily help the university to eliminate the best students to continue their study. As we know, national examination is created to evaluate the students ability through their study for three years in senior high school. So far, the national examination can’t judge the students ability, because sometimes it’s not purity the students score.
             To take apart in university the students not only must learn the materials but also mastering the field or sains which they choose for their majority. Such as nature science or social science. In addition they must responsible for their decision when they want to participate in this test. This will help the students practice their confidence and analyze themselves. Thus, the students will do it carefully and accurately.
            There are some of national entrance univeristy test in this country, they are SNMPTN, SBMPTN and UMB. SNMPTN isn’t need written test, but it’s decided according to the score of national examinationa and numbers of the chance that given to each schools.
           The entrance state university and public univeristy is different. In general, the state university is more difficult than the public univeristy. Somehow, the public university only give some easy question such as basic knowledge and general knowledge.
           There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of the entrance univeristy test. The advantages are the students will prepare themselves more and compete with other students, so they can compare their ability with the other thus this will help them to practice their mental to be more serious in their life. The second is eventhough some students didn’t pass it they learn to be more responsible and learn how to be more patient and evaluate their mistakes and prepare more for the next test.
            The other advantages is we can elaborate the best students and place them in the right place. They also will be more appreciate their time and their achiement to continue their study. So this test will give the food impact to the students. 
However, there are some bad act in this case. As the disadvantages is sometimes the students try to find the other way or easier way to pass the examinaton and enter the state university such as use “joki” to help them answer the right answer.

             After all, I agree with the entrance university test. Because this will give a good impact in the future and training the students to be more responsible and carefully to decide their future. What should we do in the future is create a good condition and avoid the bad habit in education system. There’s nothing wrong with the system but sometimes people don’t really know how to manage and run the system accurately, correctly and keep off the rules.

Writer : Khairun Nissa
The writer is student of English Department, Education and Teacher Training Faculty, University of  Muhammadiyah North Sumatera.


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