Control your emotion

its feel like so difficult to make you keep walking and avoid the distraction. such as watching movie, listen a song, eat or doing  everything that you like. do you know that all of that is just wasting your time eventhough you enjoy it.

sometimes I think that it's better to did what I want. it'a a happiness. but be carefull not everything that you think will makes you happy will create a happy ending. most of them just wasting your time and did nothing to your future.

I know that don't worry about your future. but to live for today you need some tactic and a lot of thinking to make it productive, fun, and useful. we can do useless things for a year then we got nothing. but remember that we also can do usefull thing and get satiesfied in the end. which one do you choose?

i don't want to ask people to keep working. I just want to take away the lazyness that always comes to us. anytime we want to start. and everytime we have time. so, it can be a big problem to everyone. we must realize that all of it is must be taken away from your mind.

sleepy is such a great things. but how if it comes when you have no anything to do and you have intention to study? it must be hard to keep thinking while you have bed beside you. in bahasa we call that semangat, or a fight, that cheer you up and makes you keep studying.

to control your emotion I have some steps.

the first is, wake yourself. stop everything. don't do anything. close your eyes and think what will you do. then, imagine what will happend next. feel it and think you did it.

second, feed your stomach. sometimes its works. but not too much. because it can makes you sleep and take you away to dreams.

the third is remeber your intention and result. everything that happend to you, everything you did will make a result whatever is it. bad or good, you choose yourself.

finally, I just want to say that take away the lazyness is need a lot of practice. you must find the way to take away it. you also free to use mine. but remeber, everyone has their own style.

keep positive everyone!


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