better now than never

so, today is my beautiful day. i buy something that I want, and also I did something great. something that I think it a must. even there is a lot of things mistakes but I just learn from that.

now. I have a big acne under my face. I know this is so bad. three days it has been there. and I must go everywhere to show this. how embarrasing!
but, I understand that everything that happened in my life is for a reason. I must face on it, and act to solve the problem. then the first thing is I try to solve it with a big confident. eventhough the feeling is just like feeling until death. but I just try my best.

the second thing is about careness. I must care about my face. and find the way how to save it, keep it clean. anytime. then, I can learn a lot about how to make it not only clean but also full of attention. merawat lebih intensive lagi. I realize that sometimes i dont care about this. I just go to sleep, or I won't to clean my face everymorning. I'll try my best to do it everyday then.

the third is about health. it's look like I just eat egg everyday. you know what.. wajahku alergi dengan telur. I've try an experiment. after I didn't eat that. my face is clean again. and also some cosmetics just like luzzini, temulawak, kelly. I can't use it because it makes my face more. then, I must jogging everymorning to make my body health and have no any ances in my face.

for this week. I will follow the healthy life, and boiled finger, sirih, tea, jeruk nipis and other materials to help my face better than today. one week beauty !


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