pukul 2.30

kalau yang ini namanya kepagian. lumayan mengantuk, mungkin jika diposisikan sekarang aku ada dibawah gelombang beta.

but well, I think that's not bad at all. today I just need to prays fajr at five o'clock, then everything will be good. I have no problem anymore when I wake up. I just need to say ot think that I'll do this now, then I just wake when it happend. eventhough I didn't plan for it, but when it has a chance, when my eyes open, the first think that come to my mind is what will I do? wake up or keep sleeping?

that's need no answer because sleeping is something comfort. but I really afraid of something, or maybe I just can't sleep. but at all, this is great.

then, I hope I can do it everyday. so I can prays tahajjud and prays to Allah.. I hope I can go abroad :)

alright then, I need to sleep
keep positive, good night :D


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