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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Tips Bangun Pagi Part I : Tidur dalam keadaan bersuci

Assalamu'alaikum pejuang subuh..
In this first section, let me introduce the best strategy to wake up early in the morning that I just have found. it is not easy though, but as long as you have a will, you can make it. The key to this method is preparation before bed. Jadi, malam sebelumnya kita sudah harus mempersiapkan diri untuk bangun pagi. Berikut 3 cara mudahnya.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Menulis is Back

Kenapa judulnya menulis is back? well, it is a good question though.... cannot answer it now
terkadang, karena terlalu banyak menonton drama, we become drama queen. Is it right? is it wrong?
I have no idea though.. I believe that it is not right to be a drama queen. But sometimes, when life is really hard.. it makes you better. I mean when you see the sky and say you will be okay, everything will be all right, that is okay, and others. It can heal you faster.

you know, being failed is not the end, being wrong is not the end of the world. but, when you lose yourself, you need to find it. it is not the end too. to having a bad habit, is it the end of the world? to be ugly, to be not beautiful to be like not our expectation, to be in the low position, to be in the last queue, it is not the end of the world.

when you fail, you can try again
when you wrong, you learn how to do the right thing
when you lose your self, you can try to find it, choose what you want to be
when you have a bad habit that destroy you, you can learn how to build a good habit that build you
when you being ugly, you can learn how to love yourself
when you are not beautiful, you can learn how to give treatment to your self such as clean it, massage it, you do not it to change it to be beautiful, you can keep it
when you are in the low position, you must be grateful on what you have
because if you being thankful, Allah will give more
when you in the last queue, you can wait and take your turn
it will never the end of the world
even, if you lose your teeth and it will never come back, cannot be fixed, you can welcome the new you and make a new story
never lose of hope, this world is not only about beauty
This world is about make your story, be kind and be useful
you must left a good one when you come back, forever,

Saturday, 28 October 2017


أسلام غليكم

I think this is going to be another random writing..
I have a lot of free time.. Yippie.. hope Allah will give barakah in my time, Amin..
well, I do really want to keep my promise, to going home and do something
but once more, I have no idea wheather what I did is right or wrong, should I or should not I
I do want to spend my holiday in Australia..
But... probably I need to go home just for a while, however. how is my productivity?
Yeah.. all is according to myself.
now is 29 October, I just have one day left to think.. I know Allah will guide me.
There is no more doubt, let's throw it away..

Friday, 6 October 2017

Messed Up

I am not a perfect person. never been there before.. So I do not know how to be someone who has a perfect life. I messed up with my own expectation. I am so miserable, with my own mistakes. I lost my way.. where should I turn around, should I move on with this mistakes behind, should I just leave it behind. Cause I have no place to go. I just lost my way.

mistakes by mistakes are made,.. who says it? she is the one in inside, my will, my bubble, my own expectation of a perfect day. I am so angry, who decide it? who mention it?
Just wanna live in my own way, but I lost them all cause I walk in other people's life, other people expectation. I forget my own words, I lose them, my promise, my happiness, they are gone from my head, no where, I am so tired to find them. I need rest. Even though, it means another mistake to waste time. Silly.. but I do need it. I need one rest, one piece. without sound from anyone else, without judgement, even from my own perception. just one space, just a moment. to think clearer and feel better.

Let's call I am too much, too afraid, too sensitive. I do. I am so sensitive. it can break easily, even in silent. So, give me time to make stronger, less sensitive, less afraid. Take care of myself, let's put me as priority. Be selfish for yourself, be selfish. You never did.

To be continued....

Monday, 2 October 2017

Reading makes you smart

I met with my friends a days ago. I heard that she has a lot vocabulary. I am envy though.. but I realise that she read more than me and study more than me. Instead? I am just hoping without any action. just hope and that is it. Why I want to study? Indeed, I do not want because I want to be like her or sounds smart. It is just a small purpose. I want to be inspired but I do not want to be too over. I do not want to be "Riya" with my knowledge. As a learning probably, I want to make it as a learning that will engage people to use their time for something productive. learning, for instance..

well, forgive me for this random writing. but I have not topic to talk nor idea. Just it. I think I need to take a bath, cook and go outside. haha

Friday, 29 September 2017

Assalamu'alaikum pejuang subuh ..

Assalamu'alaikum pejuang subuh... saat ini pukul 5:15 am waktu Australia. Yippie... the other early morning in my life.

oh ya, aku ingin mengungumkan sedikit, karena sepertinya sangat banyak project pejuang subuh, tentunya sangat bermanfaat untuk memotivasi kita bangun subuh. Tapi, blog ini bukan project "besar" ataupun official dari manapun. First time I started this website since 2010, dan pejuang subuh memang sudah ada di twitter ataupun website resmi. However, I am so eager to have this website because I want to wake up for fajr. Konsep awalnya adalah blog untuk membantu memberikan tips dan trik bangun subuh dan menuliskan perjalananku untuk bisa membiasakan diri rutin bangun subuh tepat waktu. Niatnya adalah untuk membuatku bangun pagi karena aku adalah salah seorang yang sedang berjuang untuk bangun subuh. Well, hope you understand.

Okay, what's next?
I think the best thing that I can do to myself is schedule my day. However, I think it is better for me to have "me time". For instance, I imagine my self turning off the song from maher zain that I love so much. The title is "Alhubbu Yasood" which means Love will prevail. It tells a story about Syrian people that will win one day... The other song that really recommend is Qomarun Sidnan Nabi by Mustofa. Because I want to learn Arabic, then I found these two song is very comfortable. I know that it is better to listen to Qur'an. I will try to find one soon. I cannot get rid of this song from my head.

Well, I have some recommendations if you want to listen to Qur'an. Such as Mishary al Rasyid, Omar al-arabi and Saad El-ghamidi. I love the last one. It is really good and you will not bored to listen. Their voice is so comfortable, soft and lovely.

Okay.. I think that's all for my me time..
hihi.. I feel asleep but I know that I must keep awake. So, I will find another activity that will help me to stay awake till morning.

Have a good life everyone, :)

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Be Grateful

there is a quote says that you will not know the blessing that you have until you loose it.
Sometimes, it is true. But, do you wait until it comes to you to be grateful? or.. do you learn from it to be grateful all the time..

Yes,, we sometimes, feel sad through our loneliness, but we may forget that maybe it what we need. to learn to respect people around us when they are there for us. For instance, we just play with our cellphone when we hang out with them. we do not talk to them, just busy to show to other people that we are 'hang out'. Probaly, photo is important but if it is too much.. we need to reduce it..
or if you like me,, you will forget so easily because you have no any picture to remind you. So, balance it.

Sometimes, we feel so sad because we think that other people hurt us without their know it. or we think they do it on purpose. make fun of us. Then, it maybe not to make us have a negative thinking to other people. Otherwise, how to control our feeling and become just easy going and let go, also to forgive others. meanwhile, we will enjoy our loneliness because we feel happy with it. However, once more, you need to balance it.

Because we are human. we control ourselves, we take in charge of our life, it is our responsibility to respond to life wisely. Not to react on them, but to think and find a solution to respond it.

I know it is not that easy but believe that progress is more important then the result. Because, you will learn a lot when you always learning. So, do not be afraid.

You know,..
There are a lot of things in my mind, such as.. while people nowadays buys to build an image in social media. I use Instagram after long long time I did not do it. then, I hope Allah safe me from doing bad things or wrong things or something that he does not like. But, right now.. I am thinking why people busy to build their image that their life is perfect. Probably, it is part of being grateful.
but to be honest, when I saw other people's story or picture or video, I am so eager to do the same. to show them that my life is great too.

However, I have no idea is this a good thing or bad thing. because our intention is not to be grateful. But to show up, to show that our life is better than others. it is kind of fake I think. But, It is what social media for right? to keep in touch and communicate with other people. Just like.. "Hi there.. I am doing this..., it is awesome.., what are you doing"
then I look their picture and find something that I can share
"Hi too.. I am doing this, it is more awesome, my life is great...  haha.. So, what others doing? I am curious"
Then, other people, will answer the question and start it from morning to night to check and talk.

I do not want to say that I hate social media or I am anti-social media. I am part of it, I have my account, have some friends in there, I use it and I post too...

So, I am doing here? haha...
I just questioning, you know..

Okay.. so, be grateful on what you have.. see it clearly or probably think that what if I did not get it? how if it is not mine or How if I lose it.. sometimes.. to make us feel it and be grateful with our heart. Probably, it is the same question with successful people. You know, they will ask themselves in the morning. "How if today is my last day?"
They will do they best, will do what they want to do passionately, they will be grateful on their last day in their life and they will not waste any time. So... this question maybe also for us..
Even, today also will be gone, it just once.. where we live, our youth, our health, out strength.. they will get weaker and we are dying each time passed.

every single minute of our life is worthed, every single hour is amazing and every single day of our life is blessings.... Alhamdulillah.. and we have Allah.. ar-rahman, ar rahimm...

Hope this can enlighten you.. and me and me in the future....
See ya!

Melbourne, 2nd September 2017

Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Terkadang, kita lupa untuk berserah diri.. kita terlalu memaksakan kehendak dan akhirnya membuat semuanya menjadi kacau.. kita merasa kacau dan rehash dengan apapun yang kita lakukan. Jika itu terjadi, maka berhentilah sejenak.. berikan jeda untuk diri beristirahat.. pun, bukan berarti tidur itu istirahat.., tapi berikan sedikit waktu bagi fikiran kita untuk beristirahat.. bisa dengan cara apapun, bermain, jalan-jalan, menulis, membaca tau apapun yang bisa kita lakukan.

Hal kedua adalah, saat kita lemah.. kita merasa sendiri dan tak ada seorang pun yang memahami tentang kita. pun, pika itu pernah terjadi, kita tak serta merta menjadi seorang yang mahir dalam masalah ini. untuk itu, coba pikirkan sejenak, dari manakah kekuatan itu dan apa yang terjadi saat kita merasa kuat..

kekuatan itu hanya milik Allah.. dan hanya Allah yang dapat memberikan kita kekuatan. untuk melakukan sesuatu, untuk tetap dalam prinsip kita dan untuk percaya diri terhadap apa yang kita lakukan. walaupun begitu, kita diminta untuk mengubah diri kita. Karena Allah tidak akan mengubah suatu kaum, sebelum kaum itu, mengubah apa yang ada Salam diri mereka. Karena itu, mari kita introspeksi diri. Pertama, mungkin kita terlalu menyepelekan apa yang ada pada kita, pada diri kita. terlebih, kita lupa untuk bersyukur. Kita lebih percaya bahwa kehidupan oranglain jauh lebih indah daripada hidup kita. Hingga kita melupakan keindahan yang sedang kita jalani. Kita lupa untuk bersyukur dan lupa untuk berterimakasih atas segala kemudahan yang kita dapatkan saat ini. Bisa saja, kita lebih buruk jikalau tidak ada pertolongan-yang tak dapat kita lihat- datang kepada kita. Kita merasa kondisi saat ini cukup buruk, padahal bisa jadi.. ada banyak pertolongan hingga kita bisa dititik seperti ini. sebuah design Indah yang tak mampu kita sadari. Maka, bersyukurlah untuk apa yang tampak pada kita, untuk apa yang kita rasakan, untuk seluruh kemudahan dalam hidup kita dan cobalah untuk menjalaninya dengan baik.

Kedua, mungkin kita tidak melakukan apa yang seharusnya kita lakukan. Kita terlalu terlena dan bermain-main hingga lupa apa prioritas yang harus kita dahulukan. Untuk itu, kita ditahap ini untuk melakukan refleksi, agar kita ingat. perhentian sejenak ini ingin mengingatkan kita suatu hal yang sangat teramat penting. Kita mungkin lupa untuk consisten pada kebiasaan untuk membaca buku, suatu kebiasaan yang membuat kita semakin kuat saat kita memiliki ilmu. kita lupa bahwa ilmulah yang membuat kita kuat dan Tanpa ilmu kita lemah. padahal, waktu terus berjalan dan adalah seharusnya kita terus mengupdate diri dengan hal baru. Karena kehidupan ingin kita untuk tak tertinggal. maka, teruslah bekerja untuk menjadi yang terbaik di antara yang terbaik.

Sebelum melakukannya, kita ingin berhenti karena merasa sudah cukup banyak hal yang kita lakukan. Maka, tidakkah kita ingat bahwa saat kematian datang kepada kita. saat itu pulalah kita berhenti, pun kita tak akan pernah bisa untuk melakukan apapun, bahkan untuk bernapas sekalipun. ada waktu yang entah mash lama stay Sudah dekat lagi. waktu kita habis. Bisa diprediksi, kurang dari 100 tahun lagi, atau bahkan 70 tahun lagi.. tubuh kita telah lemah dan memang butuh istirahat selamanya. tak bisakah kita berusaha saat tubuh masih kuat.. dalam rentang waktu itupun, kita semakin melemah. mata kita semakin rabun dan daya ingat semakin lemah.. maka teruslah berjalan mungkin kebiasaan baik ini yang akan membuat kita lebih kuat. Bacalah..
Bacalah.. Iqra' .. pun ini adalah perintah untuk semua umat Nabi Muhammad.. sebagai pedoman dan prinsip hidup yang baik. Bacalah..

Terakhir.. semua hal yang telah terjadi Adalah kehendak yang maha kuasa, telah melewati izin sang maha mengetahui lagi bijaksana. maka percayakanlah kepadanya.. bahwa segalanya adalah baik, dan melangkahlah.. meski fikiran masih lemah, karena hanya Allah yang memberikan kekuatan. maka mulailah dari apa yang kita bisa. melangkahlah..

Friday, 18 August 2017

Drink Enough water everyday

Hai hai... baiklah .. this is going to be my random writing, whatsoever...

jadi, I would like to propose how important it is to drink enough water everyday. as a student.. I mean when the due date is getting closer and closer. (Just like right now..). the pressure is more challenging. So, while studying.. I always prepare a giant jar of water inside of my laptop. So, after read the article or feel that I need to escape into the virtual world, aka my cellphone, I drink some water. Then.. I think I feel better and more relax. I am ready to go back to my articles.. (with s because there are so many articles that I must read.!)

one of the tips for you who study abroad. I feel you, I feel you so so much.. haha
I know that this is no joke, but let's have fun because you know that abroad is just an hour from your house.. (I mean the tourism spot) wkwk.. well, if you are facing your laptop for hours and only communicate with books, you will forget that you are in abroad. hhaha..

okay.. remember that you are here as a student.. you want to learn and be one of the literate people. so, let's be grateful and enjoy your day. everything is going to be fine, so lets enjoy every second of your learning process.. banze!

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Selamat Pagi dari Melbourne ...

Hola... Halo...
Selamat pagiii :D

Project hari ini adalah menyelesaikan tugas, mencari ilmu agama dan bersenang-senang through doing these things. hoho...
Alhamdulillah, hari ini bangun sangat teramat pagi. Mungkin, karena ada deadline tugas ditambah rentetan volunteer yang menyenangkan. Ikut volunteer itu cukup memotivasi ternyata. Jadi, buat teman-teman yang sedang kuliah di luar negeri nih, get some volunteers.. talk, socialize.. even when you are afraid of awkward moment.. have a try.. it is a good time to learn, it is part of learning.. Especially, buat introvert just like me... eh, I am half introvert half extrovert dink.. So, it is a bunch of energy, I need to take it.

Hal kedua adalah, karena mulai belajarnya jam 3 nih.. selesainya jam 5. hanya untuk baca satu artikel. Tulisannya agak susah dipahami sih, jadi harus pelan-pelan memahaminya. atau.. karena memang karena libur panjang, jadi kurang terbiasa dengan membaca artikel sepanjang dan se-complicated itu.. Tapi, overall.. menyenangkan.. (duh, sorry for my mix languages.. I am bilingual though). Karena sekarang ini topiknya adalah bilingual, jadi aku sedikit memahami tentang makna berbahasa dan identitasku sebagai seorang bilingual.. #apasih

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

How to Plan your Trip to EUROPE #EuropeTrip part 3

Hola.. back again..
Now, I am going to share about how to plan your trip to Europe. Well, actually.. my first intention to Europe is not for vacation. Instead, for conference. However, I went to Europe when I was in holiday. So, why not to stay longer in there to have a look how the Europe Countries are.

So, we booked a flight from Melbourne to Vienna on 20 June and Vienna to Melbourne on 10 July.
It was about 20 days travelling. So, we started our journey in Italy. we had one day to go to the city and back to the airport at 5pm. we arrived in Italy at 7 am, then took a bus to the city. Do not forget to buy a return ticket if you want to come back to the airport. It is about 14 Euros.

Then, we continue to Vienna. From here...

Here is our crazy plan in Europe

Monday, 7 August 2017

Conference in Vienna #EuroTrip Part 2

I am so happy that people are so interested with my previous article about how to make Schengen visa. So, now is my second writing about conference.

you may ask me, what is conference for? well, I can say that it is a very good platform to meet people from all of over the world, share ideas, find people who may have the same opinion or literally different idea with you, have fun and practice yourself to share your ideas to other people.

I had a conference in vienna, Austria on 25 June until 29 of June. It is a very nice and lovely moment. actually, I do love the city.. it is very convenient and it feels like home. okay, so I will share about how to apply for a conference and what to do in there.

So, you can find there are so many organisations that held the conference. For instance, IJAS, IAFOR or universities such as Monash, Wien University, or University of Indonesia. Also, you need to know what is their theme or topic or field of study. You can see their advertisements and see if the conference is available for your major or interest. Then, you need to send your abstract. Usually, the deadline is three month before the events or the conference day. So, make sure that if you want to apply a conference in September, you already register in June. Then, it means that you must have your abstract before the date. It is better if you have a paper already. So, it will be easy for you to share your idea.

Then, after register and send your abstract three month before the conference day. Then, it is time to wait for the invitation. They will give an invitation letter for you ( it may be about two weeks after the registration is closed. Then, if your abstract or paper is accepted, they will send you an email and you can pay the conference's fee and get the receipt afterwards.

For me, I get an invitation letter and they give me two weeks to pay the fee. However, if you need more time to do it. Just send an email to them and they will help you further.

Also, usually the fee is for the conference only. They will not provide an accommodation or food or meals at all. So, just bear in mind that you need to prepare your wallet for this.

Then, two weeks before the conference day, they will send you an email about your schedule of presentation and the detail information about the schedule, including the trip.

on the conference day, you will present your ideas or findings. Then, sometimes.. people will ask some questions and ask more about your topic. You need to perform about 15 minutes and you need to be prepared with your files (usually with mic. powerpoint) or if you have a new innovation you can bring your new innovation too..

So, it is so amazing to see how people with their data, their ideas, their findings and share the idea with the expert. you know, when they are talking, you can see there are a lot of passion in their eyes and they are so excited to share about it.

So, Then.. after you present your ideas, you can go wherever you want. I mean.. you can choose any presentation that you want to see. On the schedule, you can find the topic that they will be presented, the people who present and the time that they will present. So, just have fun with and enjoy your day in your conference.

Also, on the trip,.. you can have fun with others. the most interesting thing is you are not only know them, but also learn about their culture, language and hometown. In the international conference, people are coming from different countries. So, it is so excited to talk to them..

Well, I do not know if I can share my photos with you. I am prefer not to..
I hope this can enlighten you about the academic conference, how to apply and what to do in there.

So, Keep positive everyone!

New Project! English Speaking Club (For IELTS)


Hi everyone, Today I want to launch my new project! English speaking club (For IELTS).
It is all free because I just want to share my little experience to improve your English speaking skill. I hope this can be a platform for anyone who intends to take IELTS, motivate each other and prepare yourself for the test.

So, send me an email to nkha59@student.monash.edu
subject: English speaking club, your name, and your skype account.

Important: The meeting will be via skype every Friday at 13.00-14.30 WIB from 11 August - 6 October. To make it more manageable, It is only for ten people.

See you there!

Friday, 4 August 2017

Finish Your Task with 5 Minutes Rules

Assalamu'alaikum... welcome back to my blog!

I love my student life. I know sometimes, it is so challenging to manage my time. Today I am so excited to study but the next day I just want to "leha-leha" at home, or do nothing or I really want to cook. Also, I always make the schedule to finish my task but I end up with rushing with deadline. the other problem probably I need more time to understand one article or reading that make my schedule becomes a little bit messy. But overall.... I LOVE IT.

You know what?
Because this chance motivate me to find the solution for my problems. It is better than having a long holiday but you just want to watch TV series that you like at home, or just hang out everyday with your friends without any achievements that you want to accomplished.

So, Alhamdulillah. I am in this position. I really like this.

Ok, with all of the problems. I have one solution. That is 5 minutes.
I know that I always make an excuse not to read or not to finish my task or think that I do not understand and let me do it tomorrow. It is not my weaknesses or limitiation. It is just me who make an excuse. I was trying to escape from my responsibility. So, I blame anything that I can blame. (hhaha)

When, I want to do nothing, I say to myself. ok, I just want to do reading the novel or watch the youtube but I have my priority. I need to do it even though just a little bit. I will do my homework only five minutes, then I can do what ever I want. First, I will make reading for five minutes.

Then I did
But, I realize that I have done my reading, but now I am understand. So, I just read the book for one minute. Then, I look at the question of my homework. So, I decide to read it again. finally, two minutes left. Then,.. I start writing and hey.. it is done. amazing

You know.. the rules is really simple, you can do it anytime, anywhere and even when you feel that you do not want to do it but you realize that it is your priority. Just five minutes. Then you are half way of finishing your task. The method is likely the same with the procrastination. You know, when you are in front of your computer and doing your work. Then, suddenly you feel so bored and start to visit your facebook account for a while. Then, you feel something excited in there and you want to a little bit longer and longer. In long term, you may think that you only do it for 5 minutes, but in one day, you check your facebook 10 times plus scrolling it down for 10 minutes each. which means you waste your time 150 minutes. Almost 3 hours a day!

Okay, my calculation maybe is not good enough. However, the procrastination is start with calling you for a while with the promise of excitement, happiness, entertainment that will get you out from your "dark" and "hard" work.

In fact, it is not dark or hard. It is your responsibility which when you finish it then you will be satisfied of yourself and you can start another work and live your life.

Then, 5 minutes rules brings your to this method. To get back from the "procrastination world" into "Finish your Task" that will lead you the real happiness and freedom. when you say no or delay to the procrastination you may postpone your temporary happiness or a promise to your happiness. However, with this action you sell the fake promise into the real satisfaction. your work have done.

So, as a postgraduate student in overseas. I can say that my time is so precious and I need to be able to manage it wisely. I believe that you can do it too. So, let's have a try.


Thursday, 3 August 2017

How to make Schengen VISA in Australia

Hi... I would like to share with you about how to make Schengen VISA in Australia. As an International student, I have student VISA in this lovely country, Australia. honestly, I would like to write this in Bahasa Indonesia about bagaimana cara membuat Schengen VISA. However, I think my audience is only few from Indonesia. So, let me know if you need in Bahasa Indonesia.

So.. if you want to travel in EUROPE, you need Schengen VISA. you can go to several countries such as Italy, Swiss, France, Spanyol, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Republic of CEKO and others. Then, you can apply for Schengen Visa only in the country which you arrived from your origin country or in the country where you spend the most through your trip. So, for me I flew from Melbourne to Italy, then I have short trip in several countries. However, I only transit in Italy then took another flight to Austria. I travelled for 20 days, however I went to 9 countries in Europe. However, I had a conference in Austria, so I stayed in there for 5 days.

From my situation, I have two options. First, to apply the Visa from Italy embassy or Austria Embassy. After compare and analyse the requirements. we decided to apply form the Italy embassy which is easier. here is the requirement.

The compulsory document are:
  1. Passport
  2. Australian VISA (VEVO)
  3. Itinerary
  4. Flight Ticket
  5. Travel Insurance
  6. Accommodation (Booking Confirmation)
  7. COE
  8. Settlement Doc (to prove your address such as the rent agreement)
  9. Bank Statement
  10. Pre-paid Envelope
You also need to confirm your purpose of travelling such as to visit, holiday or conference. Because I travel for conference so we need to attach more document

1. Invitation Letter
2. Receipt
3. The confirmation of participation from the organisation

In Australia, you can apply the VISA from the VFS global, just go to the website and choose which embassy that you want to apply from.

Then, after open the website, check the application that you need then you must make an appointment to the VFS. you can do it online in their website. From my experience, you must make appointment as soon as possible in peak season (at least three month before the day of flight). We travelled in June which is winter in Australia but summer in Europe. As you know, it is peak season. so, we make an appointment in the first May, However, we must wait for three weeks because there are so many people make one. Then, bring the document (bring the original and the copy) to the office. You will make payment in there, it is about AU$120. Then, if you still have document that is needed to be completed, you need to take it within three days. They will keep your document and give you some notes about what you need to bring. Finally, you just need to wait until they will send you back your passport with the Schengen VISA, insya Allah.

Even though, it sounds so easy but I need to come again the next day for my missing document. Also, I needed to provide the passport photo (I use standard photo before). Fortunately, in downstairs, there is a photo service. So, I just paid $15 ( which may reach 40 in the post office, hhoho)

Then, I hope this writing is helpful to guide you about how to make the Schengen VISA. It is time to travel, let's prepare yourself!

Then, I in the next writing, I will share about how to schedule your EUROPE Trip. 9 countries in 20 days!

Keep Positive Everyone!
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