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Assalamu'alaikum.... Welcome Everyone!

Enjoy Life

I've been living for 24 years in this beautiful earth. I just want to say something to my past and future. You will be fine, enjoy your life. I guess, that's what you should tell yourself too.

As a student in a different country, Sometimes I feel worried and lonely. Probably, because you are different from others. you have your own identity, background, language, culture, jokes, even mindset. However, I realise that I am not alone,... Also, I have a lot people that very kind and lovely, I experience a lot of new things, listen to a new story and learn from others too. It is a privilege to travel and discover the world.

I would share to things to you, let's say that it is a life lesson. First, the power of du'a. Second, faith. This two things, I think it is necessary when you are travelling, when you have a dream, something that you must have when you study abroad. Even, when you live your life.

First, Du'a. It says in the Qur'an that when you make du'a, A…

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