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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Trip to Europe is the best moment in my life

are you questioning why these days I have not published any new articles? if yes, then it is because I have Europe trip. I went to 10 countries in 20 days. sounds crazy? but that is really great. It reminds me that time will pass by. you know, today I will be in hungary, then tomorrow I find myself in Austria, next day in Germany then the next day in Netherlands. Then, I see the Eiffel tower in Paris for the next day smiling while hiking in Switzerland. Feel the fresh air and see so many beautiful mountains around.

I do really hope I will bring the spirit. Spirit of traveller in my daily life. basicly, I am a traveller. Now, I am not in my home country. I am in Australia and I am travelling this far to get knowledge and build my future. Not only that, I can feel the beauty of iman and having muslimah friends around. which is strengthen my iman. Sometimes, I lose sometimes I win. But, in every situation I always try to do my best. I want to go back, go back to Allah all the time. I hope Allah guide me. Amin..

well, I do really want to share my photos and story to you. but not today, maybe tomorrow when I am in the library with bigger computer. hhoho..

Also, I do not understand myself. I wake up all night and sleep in the day. when I wake up, I find it is already dark. you know, In Europe is summer while in Australia is winter. the time is so different. night becomes day and day becomes night. the day is shorter than in the Europe. so, I think I get confuse about the timing. Even though, I have tried to wake myself in the morning and awake all day, but I get sleep and find myself sleep already.

So, cheers
for the beautiful of life and the brightness of the future :)

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Take a bath with cold water in the morning

Hey, I want to share with you something that really matter for me right now. Nowadays, I accomplished my dream to wake up in the morning. Ramadhan has taught me to wake up in the morning (yes, If not.. you will not eat for sahoor). Also, to sleep after tarawih. As woman, it is recommended for me to pray at my house. However, sometimes it is hard to make myself pray tarawih. sometimes, I delay my isha, delay my tarawih and I end up with sleep at midnight, or maybe scrolling my cellphone before bed. However, because there is tarawih together or pray jamaah in the masjid. I can practice myself to pray isya on time and tarawih afterwards. It is very delightful because I pray together with others. It makes me feel comfort and enjoy my salah. Because everyone is pray and yes.. I learn something that if you doing something together it will feel lighter, better and even so motivating. I got chocolate after pray isya, haha..

Then, because I can pray on time and finish my tarawih faster. I back to my home and sleep. Yes, I can not argue that I can not stop myself from watching the youtube video to make me laugh. I am looking or entertainment. even though, I am already content and hapy by accomplishing my list to do. I am addicted but it is not that hard. I just look a dakwah video on my facebook, motivation video and turn off my computer. It is easier for me not to waste my time in front of the screen after pray on time. Alhamdulillah, Allah makes me stronger and stronger to beat my bad habit and change it to a better habit. I turn it off and sleep around 10 at night.

well, in the morning, I wake up early. However, It's a little bit cold and sleepy. So, I sleep again. However, I am so proud of myself today because I force myself to wake up and eat sahoor.

Then, I decide to take a bath and learn the Qur'an.

I have learned that take a bath with cold water will give you many benefits such as release stress, make my hair healthier and make me completely awake. I do not feel sleepy anymore. However, I realise that at the first day, I just sleep after looking at my computer. do you know why? because I write my essay. I think that, the best activity in the morning is to write the blog, just like this, to learn Qur'an and also to do something that makes me happy such as cooking, make my bed, running or tidy up something in my room, or maybe make a bracelet.

I will tell you another ideas what can of activity that you can do in the morning. However, from now on. I am so happy with what I did. I want to sustain it and do it  every day. I hope Allah will guide me and help me and you to wake up in the morning and start our life with positivity and power to be a success person.

Thanks for reading
Enjoy your day

Belajar Ngaji Yuk #Tartil Qur'an part 1


Today, I would like to share about my new knowledge about tartil Qur'an. This is one of the basic learning, for beginner, this is very helpful. For me, this is very challenging to learn about how to read Qur'an theoretically.

Here we go,
In this part, I would like to share about Makhrijal Huruf. there are four types of how the sound is pronounces. From the mouth, throat, tongue, nose, and lips.

So, the most challenging for me is to pronounce the words from throut and tongue. such as غ and خ
On the other hand, I am still learning how to move my tongue to pronounce the words.
  1. There are sounds produces from the start of the throat such as خ غ
  2. There are sounds produces from the middle of the throat such as ح ع
  3. There are sounds produces from the end of the throat such as ها أ
I will give you the link how to pronounce it (Bahasa Indonesia). Let's watch the video.
Moving on

From the tongue, there are five categories. the furthest, middle, the tip of the tongue, and the side of the tongue. Now, I would like to share to you sound that is pronounced from the tip of the tongue. there are three types.
  1. The tip of the tongue meets the base of the front upper teeth, such as ت  د ط
  2. The tip of the tongue meets the edge of the front upper teeth, such as ث ذ ظ
  3. The tip of the tongue is between the gums and the lower teeth, such as س ص ز

Happy learning,
I hope you enjoy your learning.

I have one recommendation time to learn the Qur'an. I have started it for three days and I hope I can do this continuously. So, the best time is in the morning after pray fajr. you will not feel sleepy because you practice your sound. even, you will feel a little bit annoyed when you can not practice it correctly and repeat your pronunciation.

I hope Allah guide you to recite the Qur'an correctly. In Shaa Allah
Keep positive everyone!

Sunday, 28 May 2017

The best Love that you can find is when you discover yourself

When I am writing my assignment deadline, I can not stop thinking. I think about everything until I find a dot connection in my daily activity. I discover myself.

Today, I start to write my assignment which is 4000 words. yes, I know that this task is designed perfectly. So, before the final assignment, which is what I do right now, we have stage and steps in writing and thinking about our educational change.

Firstly, I think I improve my writing because I just have finished my essay which is 4000 words in other unit. So, I am getting faster in writing my draft and design it.

Secondly, I do that fast. I have no idea what is it called but I just finish to write my draft, yeah, it is not completed yet but I have the picture for my writing. Which is so Awesome. It may relate to the design of this unit. we have weekly posting which must be uploaded before Thursday night, every week. in writing the posting, I reflect on my educational case studies and I can relate the reading list to my issue. we are asked to reflect on our own issue which help me to understand the materials at the same time. Also, before we write the final essay, we have stage 1 essay. Which is the introduction of our educational change studies and the words count is not as much as the final assessment.

Thirdly, I build my habit just like what I have written in the previous article. I think this is part of the barakah. I realise that I accomplished many tasks in a day. In previous days, I even can not do anything or maybe just do one or two task. I do not know weather this is "the power of kepepet" or The monster (which is deadline) that remind me to take in control of my time. I have not too intense to use my cellphone, even I feel not addicted anymore. I hope I can always take control of my life and be productive everyday.

Hope you can learn something from this,
Especially, for me in the future.
Be discipline and get you success


Ramadhan and Wake up in the morning #Day 3

Hi everyone,
Ramadhan Mubarak!

I am so happy for this month because I can wake up early on time everyday, This year is very special. I am living abroad, far away from my parents but I am so grateful that my housemate always wake me up every day. So, Here is my story for today.

Actually, this is my third days of Ramadhan. Then, I realise that I need to build my habit from now on, even though I have deadline to write 4000 essays, but I think this is the great opportunity to be discipline and manage my time. I believe that I can make my self wake up early in the morning for the same time everyday, so it must be easy to make me sleep at the same time every night.

Basically, I need 8 hours to sleep. However, for tonight is a little bit late. I slept at 11.30pm. I know, That's because I waste my time with browsing the internet and watch youtube video. I am addicted. However, I will try to control it and change my habits to read book. fortunately, I love reading novel and Matheson Library which is one of the library in my campus has NOVEL the NEWEST one. So, I love it so much.

I wake up at 5 this morning. I wake up so tired because I have not enough sleep, due to my daily sleep hours that is 8 hours. So, if I slept at 11.30 it means I only had 5 and half hour sleep.

Fortunately, my willingness to build my habit to wake up in the morning is strong enough. So, after sahoor, I make my bed and take a bath with cold water. Yes, you are right!. In this winter, morning winter with 8 degree celcius cold. I clean my body with cold body. Sounds crazy. But, I feel better and I do not feel cold. seriously. Maybe because I have set myself not to feel the cold and just endure the cold. hoho...

Then, I did not touch my cellphone. a day before, I did wake up early and take a bath. However, I feel so sleepy because I sleep late that night and after take a bath and study I am so sleepy. For today, I already make a promise to myself to start it today because I  only has 26 days in this Ramadhan. Due to my travelling to Europe.

I also want to make a habit in the morning like this :
- Wake up at the same time
- Bath
- Pray Fajr
- Learn Qur'an

I have heard that the best way to learn the Qur'an is in the morning. I believe that this is a hadist but I have not search it. you can google it and find yourself ya..

okay, Then.. I just prepare to my university, become a fashion designer for myself and ready to go.
Here is my photo at 8.36 am in Monash University in Clayton. Note: Fajr time in here is at 5:51 am

I want to point out clearly that I will build my habit everyday and find the trigger for every task that I want to accomplished such as brush my teeth or my book as reminder.
Second point, which is the most important one is I want to spend my morning to learn the Qur'an for an hour. Compared with my activity in the day before, when I study or write my assignment, I think I am not ready to do it and finally I decide to sleep. However, when I read the Qur'an, I think I feel more enjoy it because I improve my skill in tajwid, also I can practice what I have learned and prepare myself for the examination.

Okay, I have a little problem in uploading my photo, I am sorry for the inconvenient :P
Keep positive everyone

Friday, 19 May 2017

I am on Fire!

You know what, today, I attend a seminar by AM Fatwa.

It makes my brain working and working. yes, it is happening when I read too. at night, when I read the 7 habits of highly effective people. I can not sleep! haha, what a dangerous book. Maybe, I can not read it at night, I should read it in the morning. Okay, then.

well, learn from other's experience is really useful. it gives me more understanding about politics in Indonesia, about leadership and many more. I am so grateful that I come to that place, Alhamdulillah. One thing I really remember is about how Indonesia is free by Muslim. These days, people in Indonesia have a very sad story, between muslim, Christian and chinese. They say that muslim are fanatic or we are too much with Ahok. However, as someone who has religion and hear that what I believe is told as nonsense. I can not accept it, especially when that person who state it, talk in front of the people who have the same religion or believe as mine. He said it in the name of politic, and we respond it in the name of god. Now, I appreciate him that he is responsible on his words. However, some Indonesian people think that this is not fair, he must be forgiven. They say, in the name of NKRI. Islam and NKRI have close relationship. How do they dare to say it?

In addition, in muslim country, other religions are free to build their place to pray. the biggest temple in Asian is in Indonesia (Medan). However, for muslims who live in other country such as in America, some of muslims are killed because they use hijab or because their religion.

The point is, I am so proud to be a muslim. I may feel sad, when people or my non-muslims friends become angry to muslim just because we are the majority, they say bad things, etc.

I believe that this land has the owner, Allah. the owner of the earth. all of the land that we live is Allah's creation. So, for people who are so mad to ban us to come because of our religion. I would hope they will open their heart to see what is right and what is wrong. I hope there will be peace in their heart. for people who are live in a country which has muslims as majority, I hope they can live in harmony. we never force you to be a muslim, why do you so afraid? through this time, you have a peaceful life when live in Indonesia, right? since 1945 until now... do muslim did something to people because of their religion? THINK AGAIN

However, I will not hope anything for them to know about Islam, so they will know what we feel. absolutely no. I will use this as my own reflection, to understand the situation in my own community, in my home community, my friends and people around me. I am on fire to be a good leader, I am on fire to be a good person, I am on fire to be smart person,  I am on fire to use my time to good thing and avoid things that waste my time. I will educate myself to be talented. Learn how to describe a thing clearly, to give my own understanding. Of course, not to debate any one. I want to be a good muslim, I want to share the messages to other people, I want to create a better world, to spread kindness.


Thursday, 18 May 2017

Do it Today

Hi everyone, I would like to share with you about one thing. "Do what you can do today"
This is one of the strategy to done your task in time and faster.
First of all, Sometime, because we always addicted with the entertainment we want something instant. For instance, food, we want something fast such as junk food, noodles, cooking for one or two hours seems like mission impossible for us. Otherwise, we spend our time two or three times a day watching television, movie or playing with our smartphone.

For this reason, we become too much with the entertainment and just wanting something that pleasure us. we delay something that is important, not that hard but important. we delay it. Finally, we doing something in a day, we become overwhelmed of a bunch of the to do list.

So, to beat it. we must train ourselves to do something today. start it from now, start from the most important thing first. if we can do three thing that really important first. hopefully, in the future, we can understand about what is really matter for us rather than doing something that just give pleasure to us.

As muslim, we have no free time. we must use our limited time for Akhirah. This also train us to do what is really matter first. the most important thing above of our important task in dunya. So, we train ourselves everyday.

I can can not deny that I am addicted with social media and youtube or other video that entertain me. However, the intensity is getting better than before. the more I train myself, the more I just choose what is really matter for me. Remember, the great things do take times. So, let's train ourselves regardless we excellent or not. Just keep moving until we achieved what we want. Now, I am getting better. If it is just more than 40 minutes, my head become dizzy and I am go back to my important task. If I do not know, I find out it by myself. I write one by one what the list to do that I need to accomplished.

I hope this can help you to beat the addiction. Do the first thing first. Train yourself.

I believe that the process will never deny our result. So, focus on the process.

Keep positive everyone :)

ou yea, I have one thing in my mind about. I will continue it a little bit. I just thinking about how people who do not understand about the significant of focusing on their life and be proactive to their life, be responsible on their action to their life. I hope we can be one of the group that spending their time wisely and get success in this dunya and akhira. Amin :)

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Production and Production Capacity #Part1

I would like to make a summary of a my favorite book these days, it is called

7 Habits of Highly effective people By stephen R. Covey

Today I would like to share with you about a book that inspire me a lot. I was thinking about this book when I wash dishes, thinking by myself. I can find it in everywhere.

So, there is a story about the poor man and the golden eggs. one day, a poor man find a cage with a goose inside of it. Then, he bring it home and put it on the table. he is really hungry and intend to cook the goose for his meal. when he open the cage and want to catch the goose, he surprises. he sees a golden egg. he is not sure if it is a real egg, he try to break it but he can not. it is a real gold.

Shortly, he becomes rich and wants more and more. he becomes greedy. One day, he does not find a golden egg in the cage. he is so angry to the goose and can not wait for the next two days for the goose to produce the egg. Then, he take the knife to take the egg directly from its stomach. but he find nothing. he loose the golden eggs and the goose.

This story is an illustration about how we want a result (golden egg) without taking care of the process (goose). Sometimes, we just think about how to get the golden egg and the production capacity. the golden egg is illustrated as production and the goose as the production capacity.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Asking Your Opinion

Hi everyone,
Thank you for reading my Blog. I love so much when I see someone read my blog and there is number in my view. through this year, I have started this blog since May 2010 and now 2017. After 7 years, I have 2281 viewers from all over the world such as Australia, Indonesia, United states, Malaysia, Russia, German, Ukraine, China, France. From all of it, the top three is my beloved country, Indonesia, followed by United States and France. I am so Thankful that you follow my blog.

Now, to continue to the 8 years of my blog. I always try something new such as new challenges, morning routine tips and everything about morning routine.

I need your opinion to give me some ideas about what I need to share with you every week. I write almost everyday. Now, I want to have a different session for my weekly writing.

Let's make it real
Please give your comment below and I will write it for the next week writing, Insya Allah..

Keep positive everyone :)

Monday, 15 May 2017

You will be Fine

Hi, everyone
I would like to tell myself in the future that "I'll be alright". There are a lot of things that I am afraid of, it makes me think depth, waste my time, make me wondering and afraid of my own thought. Afraid of something that is not happening, but may be happening. So, I would like to tell my self that, I will be fine.

It's written in Qur'an that Allah is the controller of our life, Allah has written our life, our destiny in Qur'an. Allah is At-Rahman. Allah wants the best for us. So, let's trust Allah and do our best.

You know what, fear is important. to make us aware that there is something important in front of us, that we must be prepared, that we must be ready to face it. Life is about action, right?. So, Allah wants us to make an action as soon as possible to make us ready for his destiny. So, trust Allah because Allah has written the best story for our future, Allah will guide us to the place that he wants us to be. Just like me in here, studying and surrounded by lovely people around me. I feel so grateful, I am fine and I love it.

I want to be a positive thinker. I always write down it in my article. for every pieces of my writing, I always remind myself to be positive. Keep positive and you will be alright.

It is not as easy as writing it or telling it to somebody, I know. However, when we try, we will be satisfied. Be patient, be strong, be yourself and put your trust in Allah. Say it over and over again.

You know what, at the first time when I come to Australia. I can not believe that I can be this though, this strong. Go to Tasmania by myself, go back to Melbourne by myself. Also, work on my dream to write a book. It's a blessing for me. Even though, I know that hey... actually.. it is better for you to go somewhere far away from home with your mahram. you will be more safe, more enjoy it. (lol)
I do not mean anything to say this but yes.. It will be different.

I know that as a muslimah, I need to be someone who keep istiqomah. However, I ask forgiveness from Allah to forgive me and give blessing to this journey.

For all of the story that has came to me and will come to me, I am so grateful that Allah has written it for me. Yes, I'll go Abroad soon and it will be challenging. I ask for Allah's guidance and protection to protect me through my journey. Amin.

Keep Positive Everyone
You will be fine
Catch your dream!

Friday, 12 May 2017

MOrning Routine Day 3

Hey, I did the challenge! Today's morning routine is amazing!
well, I have a good sleep, then.. I go to bathroom, brush my teeth and clean my face. Then, I tidy my room in just minutes. I am so happy that I am not attached so much with my cellphone. I am so grateful this morning. Also, watch a video about how to read book consistently and use the journal to remind me of good words to achieve success that Maybe I can apply to it too. So, read the book, write some chosen sentences in a journal then highlight some of good words. Then, when I want to write in my blog I can use it. Yes.. I will learn how to write a better way for my blog. You know, it is just a diary for me but I think it is better to write something depth and give positive thinking to other people. It is better rather than asking other to listen to my own thought or complain or compliment.

Okay, I just want to give you testimony how amazing it is to have a morning routine. I mean, wake up early in the morning, cook and having breakfast without any interference such as cellphone or television. I know it is hard, but when you try once, twice and third time, you will get more productive life than before. You are more focus and conscious of procrastination.

Hey, I have depth thinking without any book though,, LOL

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Just 5 Minutes

This is one of the method to avoid "the procrastination" in your life. do something and do it only for 5 minutes. Then, be consistent to do it everyday. every hour, let's see how is it works!

If you always run from your work, it will never satisfy you. Also, you will get more and more stressful because you delay something important, the big rocks of your life. sooner or later you will do it. So, just finish it now, just 5 minutes. This is another challenge for me and let's we do it, Now!

Second day Morning routine challange

Hi, I know that today is not the "really" second day of my morning routine. However, let me write about my morning routine today.
As usual, I wake up and go to the bathroom, then I tidy my bed then go to the kitchen. Today's menu is pancake, as usual.. without any fruit, I just want to eat something sweet. Actually, I need to eat fruit, okay, the next day's menu.

Be grateful

Be grateful and Allah will give you more, but if you not.. then the azab from Allah is so painful.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

3 Days Morning Routine Challenges

Hi every, today I would like to challenge you to write in above about your morning routine. there is only one role for this, do not write what time do you wake up. Now, we wants to build our healthy morning routine, such as jogging or running, cooking a healthy food or read book.

Let me share my morning routine today. I wake up and go to the bathroom. It is not that cold today, it is only about 12 or 15 C today. Then, I just go to the bath up and take a bath with cold water. I wash my face, brush my teeth and use lotion. Then, after choosing a stylish cloth with a winter hat, I go to the kitchen and cook pancake. Because I can not eat dairy product such as milk, eggs, then.. I did not use eggs, but still.. I use milk because I want to make it soft and lovely for my throat. so, here we go.
I put flour in a bowl, then pour the milk slowly while mix it. Then, I put a punch of salt, sugar and baking power. I use creamy spray and red grapes. However, I would recommend not to put grapes with something sweet such as cream or mayonnaise. I think it is getting sour. I put honey on the top of the pancake. Yumm....

Then, I just go to my room, clean up my bed, make some project for my life.. including make this 3 days challenge and start my work.

Okay ..
This is my Morning routine, how about yours?



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