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Assalamu'alaikum.... Welcome Everyone!

Leadership training for Youth! Register Now...

Assalaimu'alaikum Pejuang Subuh..
Today, I would like to share to you about the leadership training in Melbourne. They extend the deadline.. So... you will have 5 more days to register the program.

Why you should register
I believe as a young muslim.. we need to improve ourselves.. yes, it should not be in the training program but in real life too such as in community, family, friends, etc. However, joining this program will give us inspiration, knowledge from the expert, etc. I always like program like this.

However,.. for me, I could not register it.. I do not like to make an excuse. However, there are some reasons. First, I am doing my thesis. Second, I could not commit to do it until November because I will leave this beautiful country on July. actually, I could stay till November.. wait until my graduation ceremony. I do not know,... it is hard to decide it.. I hope Allah will guide me, Amin...

But yes.. I would like to share it to you. Hopeefully this is helpful. They have …

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