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Bangun Pagi : First Try again and again

Pagi ini, badanku begitu lelah.. baru bangun pukul setengah sepuluh,.... well, I need to be awake and get up out of my bed !

I found one video from youtube that really inspired me last night. it was about waking up at 5am is changing my life. it said that let's just put your phone at night in the other room one hour before you  sleep and set your bedtime at 10 pm.

Well, I tried it too,.. at 9.20pm, I stopped using my phone. but I know that I could not sleep that early cause I did not feel sleep at all and in last whole week, I always slept at midnight. So, I tried something that make me stay away from my phone. Cleaning up!. yes, it is always fun for me. So, I just folded my laundry and chose things that I want to bring to home. I am going to Indonesia next week, leave this beautiful city, Melbourne... feel sad but so happy cause finally I finish my study and meet my family, insyaallah...

Then, yeah... Finally, I realised that it was 10.30 pm and I decided to stop my activity, c…

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